Thanks to the fierce competition that’s currently taking place in the mobile market, we’re seeing prices being dropped and plans being made bigger. Another price drop taking place is Optus cutting the price of the Xperia X10 to it’s $29 Cap, this price is equal to that of the X10 Mini Pro. If you’re a bit of a gamer you can always get the X10 on the $49 Cap and get a free PSP.

Source: Optus.
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who gives u the free psp with the x10


about the X10, if we buy one now does it come with all the updates already installed or do we still have to download them?


im referring to the software or firmware updates that have already been released not the android upgrade


I stayed on the 25 Rollover Cap + $20/mo Virgin plan for my X10 as the $49 Smart Cap didnt cut the cheese, but boy I hope Virgin follow suit and drop theirs. Only being 2 months into my plan I’d definately swap to that!


just called Virgin they have yet to drop there price from 59 lame!


Wow. Seems like a good deal considering the Minis and Mini Pro are priced at 29 too.

Matt Coutts

Damn it, just got one from VHA.
Hey Buzz, I got a question. Why can’t I find certain app in market, such as Apkmanager or Scan2PDF Mobile?


Buzz, what do you mean by ‘through Telechoice’?
From the Optus website it looks as though you can get the same thing directly from Optus…


Pretty darn cool from an overall Android handset pricing standpoint… pity about that whole inability for it to do multi touch though, that really is a killer. (not just pinch to zoom, but think about games with left and right on screen controls or many other applications of multitouch)

Gary W

That’s pretty interesting, since I am now paying $25-$30 monthly just for calls; I’ll consider this device when its Android 2.2 is ready for OTA upgrade.

Finally I was motivated enough to check just what the “$29 Cap” provides, and compare it with my current plan. So far this month my calls are around $49 (on the basis of info at|24)

So it looks like I would need the top cap. I’m afraid unlimited Facebook doesn’t make up for that.


damn thats pretty good, if they were only upgrading to 2.2 not 2.1


That’s pretty insane. Competition is awesome.