The LG Optimus is set to receive Android 2.1 according to the LG Mobile website. We’ve reached out to the Carriers to see if they’re going to push out the update with their wonderful Carrier Apps included, or if they’re going to leave Optimus owners hanging onto 1.6. If you own an LG Optimus without Carrier bloatware, you’ll be able to get the update via LG’s Mobile Support Tool in the near future.

Source: LG Mobile.
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Issac Maez

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Chery Gladman

Telstra Optimus phones are still waiting 🙁

Andrew Heald

that’s awesome – i just plugged mine in to be told “The Cell phone is the latest version already.”

has it been released yet or could this be because my outright phone came with Optus bloatware? If it’s the latter, would it mkae a difference that i have since deleted using a root-explorer?

Max Rockatanksy

‘Optimus TO receive 2.1’


hey buzz did you get petition idea on facebook?


outdated. 2.2 please.

Max Rockatanksy

its the same as the optimus one, screen aside, and that will have 2.2.


Buzz is right, Optimus One has much more RAM