What do you do when you launch 3 low-end devices and stop supporting them, as well as launching another device 6 months late? Well if you’re Optus, you pull them from your website and pretend none of that ever occurred. However, if you still want a Quench, DEXT, Backflip or Milestone, you could always head to your local Optus dealer and see if they still stock them, but why would you do that?

Source: Optus.
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so… i need my dext repaired… massive number of problems… will they repair or offer a replacement?

or, what if i lost my phone? or do they have stock to replace it? (actually hoping not…)


They pulled it not long after I brought it to their attention via Twitter that Motorola had just stated on their website, no updates past 1.5 Not sure of any direct relation with that but it seems like it.


Motorolla doing an update to those phone? That would be going against the recent news that the phones are stuck on 1.5th wouldn’t it?

I’m a owner of a DEXT so I followed this quite closely


Just got off the phone with the motorola australia people, they claimed that there will be an upgrade by the end of the year. So who do i beleive?


I remember the young Motorola Rep that came to the dealer I work at. He was almost patronizingly enthusiastic about the blur phones, asking about sales. I basically told him they were s*** in those words. Pretty much ended the discussion there.


^Hopefully it is indeed ready to make way for the Aria/Liberty next month… I really hope that makes it onto $29 caps on Optus/Virgin, perfect mid range phone for me and my wife.

Kavierer Loopjers

I agree. I am so waiting for a HTC phone to appear on Optus / Virgin Mobile.


I hear it (the Aria) will be on a $49 cap… For the same price I could get a Galaxy S, so it probably won’t sell well.

Gopal Dhas

Maybe they’re clearing the way for HTC phones..? Wishful thinking?


Why would they pull them? Wouldn’t they want to clear them all out rather than just having them sit in a warehouse somewhere? Im sure that to get exclusive they had to order lots…


Hmm I wonder whether they are doing a line refresh for Motorola. Motorola seem to have done this with their announcements (Milestone 2, Defy), but of course Optus would wait 6-12 months before putting it up on their site. My guess is people realised these phones werent any good anymore (well apart from the Milestone maybe) and they werent selling so they pulled them.