Since Google has removed purchases of the Nexus One from, they have decided to put the site to use with a list of most Android Devices in each country (including Australia) and links you to the carrier who supplies it. Phone Gallery then goes into more detail when you go to a certain phones page, where it lists all the specifications for the device as well as which countries it’s available in. For Australia it currently only lists Samsung & HTC devices, whether there is an agreement between manufacturers and Google as to which devices can be listed, we’re not sure the device must be running Google Apps apparently.

Overall the site seems packed with cool information and is a very cool idea, although it doesn’t have as much info as our phone gallery 😉

The phone pictured about is the Galaxy 5 i5503 which is heading to Telstra on Oct 19th

Source: Google Phone Gallery.
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Looks like a WIP to me with the restricted range on display. Why limit to Samsung and HTC?

@coder – that Android phone spreadsheet is awesome!


A credit for the link would have been nice…


Well, I just typed phone after the google url and got it. Looks like only htc & sammy made the cut here in Oz.


booo it still recommends you to buy nexus one from vodafone 🙁


All I get is:

“Sorry, folks…

The Nexus One is no longer available for purchase directly from Google. For more information on how to purchase the Nexus One, check out our help center. “


Same here. cant seem to see the list.