Last time it was a hoax by Google accidentally adding Australia instead of Austria, but today they have officially announced via the Android Developers Blog that 20 more countries can now submit paid applications, one of those countries being us! So if you’re an Aussie Dev with a great app, tell us about it in the comments, we love to support local developers!

For the full list of supported countries see:

Source: Android Developers Blog.
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Lynn Libbrecht



Congrats to the Developers

Now lets see some decent Aussie apps 🙂


Wow what great timing, I JUST finished my first app last was going to be free but now I think I’ll see how it goes as a paid app


Oooo, does that mean we can get a real Flight Control now?

Tia Porter

Horray! Now i will just have to get off my butt and actually make something! 😛


This is awesome news 🙂
Guys, is there a way to search for developers by country? i’m all for supporting aussie developers first 🙂 If it’s made in australia, i’m buying 🙂
We all should support local developers first.




Oh, and that should mean that Aussie developers can buy the Nexus One through Google (and actually get it delivered to Australia).


Yeah the site still says: “The Nexus One is carrier independent, and available for purchase in the approved markets (Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States) by any developer registered with Android Market™.”


Finally! It took way to long to happen, but I’m glad none the less. This will see a lot more Aussie oriented apps in the market. Aussie developers can now actually take Android seriously as a development platform. It will also inspire continued improvement of existing Aussie apps. Good for consumers, good for Android!
(Au Weather Android app)