Notion Ink are continuing to play nice with might-be consumers by letting the public choose which colour scheme they’d like to see on the Adam, Notion Inks forever mentioned – never seen- Android Tablet. If you have any spare time feel free to head over to their blog to see all available colour choices and vote for your favourite. Or you could continue to wait it out and never want to know about Notion Ink until they finally announce a launch date for the Adam.

Source: Notion Ink Blog.
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    I voted the two Titanium options.

    I still think Notion Ink is stalling for time and trying to keep people interested by trickling out information. As Azleep said – get it out already.


    lol this is a joke!

    it’s like when britney spears shaved her head starving for attention!


    What’s the colour of vapourware?
    Just get it out already

    Gary W

    I’d like gingerbread colour 🙂

    Max Rockatanksy

    that joke would have worked if android versions were code named after colours.

    Max Rockatanksy

    MMM tablet pc tastes yum

    Max Rockatanksy

    i voted titanium grey & metallic blue, they look great.