After having a quick browse on the Telstra site, it appears their flagship Desire has sold out. Surely it can’t be from lacking AMOLED stock as they have since replaced most of their stock with Super LCD. It’s also a tad strange that they’ve run out of stock considering it’s the last month of their 6 month exclusive deal on the Desire. Who knows, they might even be prepping for a newer device? If you’re hoping to one-up the Desire, you could always get the Samsung Galaxy S on Telstra, that’s only $0 on their $99 cap, no biggy.

Source: Telstra Store.
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I’m getting problems with my HTC… maybe that’s why they ran out of stock =/
Every time I use the net, the bottom of the phone gets hot. (not the battery) I read on forums etc. that this was a hardware/motherboard/antenna fault. Is anyone having the same problems as me…?
I can’t get it fixed now cos i have my HSC to do T___T


I think Razza is right, its jut the online store – not retail – and has no real significance.


They have been out of stock online a couple of times now but generally come back within a day or two. You’ll find if you call up or walk into a T-Life store they will have plenty of stock.


I know telstra need to get a model that supports 3G 850mhz which may cost a liitle more to import but it’s $40/mth on a $49 cap 24mth contract. Sounds cheaper to buy it outright. optus have it free on 49 cap. Outright for non-telstra model is $799

I think matt is right, we’re on the verge of froyo release so makes sense.


Sounds like they are preparing the 2.2 release of Android (Froyo) for the device before they go back online to be sold.