We were told Telstra would be getting Android Tablets by the year’s end and here comes Telstra’s own T-Touch Tablet. What might be a rebranded Huawei S7, but we’re just assuming here, but Huawei rebrand most of their devices for Telstra. If it is the S7 it will feature a 7″ resistive display, Android 2.1 powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU. Before we all start bashing the resistive screen, both Engadget & MoDaCo have said it’s extremely responsive and ‘as good as they come’. So it just might be something to look forward too, except it will more than likely be packed with bloatware and priced through the roof.

Source: T-Touch Tab.
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ahhh ok then, this is a little odd, considering last night before this announcement I actually thought about what Telstra would name a tablet if they brought one out and what OS it’d run and this is exactly what the name was in my head and the OS… odd that lol


It can’t possibly be any worse than the t-hub, I played with one in store and it was horrible, sluggish, painful to use and crashed… and then took minutes to reeboot, was useless.


Well at least they can then stop advertising that totally retrded, rippoff product that is T-Life Hub! But likely theyir Android Tablet will be way outdated before its even on the shelves :/


Telstra still behaves like they are the only (“THE BEST”) TELCO!! Whats the use of $650m facelift if the pricing and service are rotten to the core??!!