Vodafone retailers have recently received display cards for the Motorola FLIPOUT. As the cards show it will indeed retail for $299 outright or $0 upfront on Vodafone’s $29 cap which includes $180 cap credit, 200MB of data & unlimited calls between Three & Vodafone. The FLIPOUT feature’s a 2.8″ capacitive display, 3.2″ camera w/ AF and Android 2.1 with MotoBLUR 1.5. So, what do you guys think of the FLIPOUT & it’s pricing?

Source: Techanist.
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Its available on Vodafone website on $29 Cap


Pricewise it’s great, phone wise, not for me… pretty much anything with a flip, twist or slide design scares me 😛 I was playing with one of the qwerty slide phones (can’t remember which one) at a telechoice store and actually got the skin of my hand stuck in it when it shut… and it left a blood blister, it hurt!

But, hey, it’s tiny, has a large keyboard and will be a good match for a certain demo.


Motorola << No more… 🙁




Cap pricing seems pretty good


In my opinion Buzz, pricing is excellent. $299 locked however maybe a little high seeing it’s Motorola, however $279-$249 would have been perfect but i think it may have diluted the value of the handset too much. What ya think?