Telstra have stated, via their Twitter presence, that the Froyo update for the HTC Desire will not be sent OTA (over the air), instead you will have to download it off the HTC AU website and update it yourself. Apparently the update is too big to send OTA, which is fair enough seeing as though the HTC Desire HD ROM is hitting 250MB+ and I don’t think Telstra would want thousands of those downloads happening on their network simultaneously. To those of you unsure of what this means, you won’t get a notification on your phone saying there is an update available.

So to get the update when it’s out, head over to HTC AU’s HTC Desire support page and keep checking for the ROM Update. Then to install it onto your device you’re going to need HTC Sync and then Bob’s your uncle. We’ll be sure to keep you informed as to when the update is available 🙂

Source: Telstra Twitter.
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Jimminy Jones

Size of the HTC Desire HD Rom is a bit irrelevant since currently it is only built to run on the 900/2100 network. Therefore is not going to be sold by Telstra and so is not their prerogative to support it. A bit unfortunate because i would love to have that phone, but because of my location I need the “NextG” network.

Wynona Gamer

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Not sure where you got your information from but Froyo is certainly available via OTA.

Settings > About Phone > System software updates > Check now – for those who haven’t updated yet.


Buzz, when the official Telstra roll-out has occurred, will you be testing a Desire with 2.2 or have you done that already?


Im starting to think that this is all just a plan by telstra to frustrate users so they root their phones and invalidate their warranties……..

Im not waiting any longer, Im going to root mine tomorrow night – if they reneg on any future warranty claims they can explain it all to a small claims court judge.


Spoke to telstra tech yesterday, and now advised telstras 2.2 for desire will be available NEXT week… if we’re lucky


Col –


Could someone please suggest a link to the most easily understood site in regard to “rooting” my Desire? I’m a bit nervous about doing it but I’m sick and tired of being … well you know 🙂 by Telstra.


Yes, slightly annoying when the guy who sold me this desire said all updates could be done without a computer (which I don’t own) That’s the only reason as to why I haven’t ‘rooted’ my desire, thought I’d be patient, but now it looks like I’ll have to borrow a mates laptop and cruise over to the t-mod site. Cheers guys for that info, and thanks Telstra, you’ve just lost another ‘happy’ customer to use your bloatware 😉


I have rooted my A8183 and installed T-Mod and I am very happy. But I was also happy before. So maybe my happiness is just a state of mind.


Time after time Telstra go *out of their way* to prove that they are inept, unprofessional, completely uncaring and *committed* to full customer disappointment.
Congratulations Telstra!!! You are a complete success if these are your goals!!!






Loges18 it’s a hell of a lot easier than you think, I too was terrified, went to and just read the pages, printed them out, high lighted stuff, used google, then followed instructions… Now I can’t believe out took me so long to do! Dead easy, not simple, but easy…


Bugger it Daughter has taken desire she is happy with 2.1version just ordered unlocked desire HD (no telstracrap)from UK for myself I am to scared to root the desire (finish as a paperweight) God that is a most inappropriate name!!!!!


Well it’s about bloody time. I wonder if Telstra has upped the count on the useless icons in the All Programs list to more than 23 this time. They’ve sure had long enough to get this out.


Lol telstra… Don’t make it so easy to hate you, seriously you need to at least appear to care about the people who are paying you money… You need them, much more than they need you, we have options you see, you are no longer the monolith you were…

Ps sol a your ceo… Haha


Downloading now


Me too.. from XDA ha!



Onno Benschop

I’ve received an update from @Telstra. They don’t actually know if it’s not going to be OTA:

# @owh 1/2 Sorry for the confusion. Still waiting for confirmation from product leads if that is actually the case. Once get more specific… 22 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to owh

# @owh 2/2…and official info about release & how it will be deployed, we’ll public tweet it. Stay tuned. Thx. Yoshi 🙂 20 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to owh


Well there is no point in believing any Telstra quoted timeframe. Three times now Telstra employees have made commitments as to when and how the Froyo update would happen. Three times they have not honoured the commitment. In summary, Telstra still doesn’t “get it”. If you love to be disappointed then believe each commitment and have your hopes dashed.

If you hate to be dissappointed, then install one of the unbranded 2.2 upgrades and say goodbye to Telstra branding and “support”.


Don’t hold your breath…on the 15th of October, HTC wrote to me saying:
“Regarding your inquiry about ROM updates available for HTC Desire Telstra version, we are currently targeting the middle of next month for the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo), as we are making sure that everything is in working order when we deliver the update to you. Please remember that this is a target date and could be changed if we encounter issues that we need to resolve before delivering the update.”


We got an import Desire and received the OTA (via 3) and it only took about 20 mins to d/l over the 3 network.

Based on that experience, don’t really see why Telstra should concern….. unless they’re worried about upsetting iphone users due to a surge of traffic from non-iphone product.

Or maybe the Telstra version of Froyo for Desire is much bloated comparing with the vanilla version…..

Onno Benschop

I gotta say that in my opinion this is not a smart move for many reasons: 1. It assumes that you have a Windows computer. 2. It assumes that you have a friend who has a Windows computer whom you trust with all your private data on your phone, since you’ll need to sync your phone to their computer prior to doing the update. 3. It assumes a level of skill not found in the general phone population. For a production environment this is a really bad idea! Never-mind that I have a 2.5Gb plan with Telstra, which will cover… Read more »


So it’s only a problem if you’re a mac fanboi with no friends. Haha


Oh come on guys, its a single update, you only do it once.
If you don’t have HTC Sync installed, install it, update and then remove the program.
And if you don’t own a PC, I’m sure you have heaps of friends that do, borrow it for a half hour or so an update.

Why is everything is always so dramatic for some people?


Not the point mate.. we shouldn’t HAVE TO use other peoples computers or alternate methods.. its not about “drama” its about customer service and giving everyone the same treatment. The rest of the Desire world already have their OTA update. As someone previously mentioned a novice user should get the same benefits as more advanced people. But because of Telstras firm belief in fisting its customers wherever possible novice users will never know they can upgrade their phone. As far as their phones are concerned they are “up to date” Piss poor effort Telstra.. wondering why your annual profits are… Read more »

Jasmine Rice

I too have a Mac and am wondering how I will get the 2.2 upgrade? Any advice? Aside from “lol mac”?


Stop being an apple fanboi and buy a real computer.

If you have a Mac you don’t deserve an upgrade.



Grab a Windows install CD, start Boot Camp and install Windows. You don’t need a serial number, you can choose to activate later. Voila. You have a working Windows computer for 30 days before it forces you to activate.

Once you are done with Windows, reboot back into Mac OS X and run Boot Camp again and remove Windows.


@Jasmine Rice

I’ve got a Mac too and rooted my Desire, I’ve had 2.2 Cyanogen for a month now, it’s brilliant. You can root your Android here:

It will get you to download a program for whichever computer you use, easy as pie.


If you have a Mac, use a Virtual machine to install Windows (I think you’ll need VMWare which I believe has full USB support).


This comes as no surprise to me that this tactic is being taken, they then get to charge you for the download as well if you use Bigpond as your ISP. I too am not a Windows user, Linux is my preference, but native support for Linux doesn’t exist (like most things) this is bad considering that Android is a port if Linux! Now it was mentioned that the download is in the size of 250mb, for those that have already rooted their Desire’s would be aware that the average custom ROM is anything from 70mb – 170mb (non sense… Read more »


It’s only been two days but every moment I have t mod on my phone I know I made the correct decision to forget about telstra updating my phone


Being forced to install Htc Sync is a low move. I was enjoying my Desire not having to connect to my laptop til now. Feel I have lost the freedom my Android gave me. Staying on 2.1.


Having to sideload new firmware on the Telstra HTC Desire means all the non-geek owners will be on 2.1 forever, theres no chance they know what “firmware” is let alone have the confidence to update it


… And then there’s those of us who don’t use Windows! I’ve got a Mac and a Linux machine, so I’m lucky enough to have to dig around the net trying to work out how to do this sans Sync.

Been waiting for the “official” release (rather than an international ROM) so I didn’t have to get all techie. May as well have hacked it months ago. Thanks a lot, Telstra.


lol mac