The Galaxy 5 is available from today onwards on Telstra Prepaid and will set you back a measly $199 dollars, which is a pretty fair price. Telstra was aiming to launch the Samsung Galaxy 5 as the cheapest Android smartphone in Oz, but with Boost Mobile already taking that crown, Telstra are going to have to work on another slogan for it.

The Galaxy 5 has about the same specs as the Huawei U8300 but sports a different formfactor for those who prefer a full touchscreen experience. Full specs after the break 🙂

– 600MHz CPU
– 2.8″ QVGA Capacitive Display
– Android 2.1
– HSDPA 7.2Mbps
– 850/2100MHz 3G
– 2GB MicroSD
– WiFi b/g w/ DLNA
– Bluetooth 2.1
– 2MP Camera
– TouchWiz UI
– FM Radio

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i havent noticed any stuff up software on my galaxy 5 only the telstra bloatware but that dont count as for the small touch screen comment i had the same worried with the phone too but after using it i have none i dont have any issues touching wat i want wen i want to, it would fail at trying to pick one pixel from the one next to it but who needs that specially for $$200 sayign people wont go from an iphone to this is dumb to this phone isnt aimed at the iphone user specially not the… Read more »


Quick 5 minute no-bullshit review in case anyone is interested… I bought one of these 3 weeks ago… Build… fine. dropped it a few times. Solid. No issues Battery… I get a solid 2 days out of it. Its fine Screen Small at only 2.8 inches, QVGA and only single touch. All is forgiven when you see how responsive it is. Honestly, the small screen hasn’t bothered me at all. If you have chunky fingers it might be a pain. Typing.. faultless! On screen keyboard is great. Dictionary is fantastic. Swype is flawless. The resposive screen makes a huge difference… Read more »


Does this Galaxy phone have the stuffed up software feature like the Galaxy S? Any chance of a review, Buzz??


I saw one of these on the weekend in a Fonezone but they guy did know anything about it ( I think he thought it was a galaxy s too) and it was not powered and probably one of those display shell models. It did not look that small and would be something to consider for the lower end of the market.


Specs for this phone state:

# GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
# HSDPA: 900 / 2100.

While Telstra state: 850/2100 3G.

So does Telstra have an abnormal version or is it just the standard version???


I would think yes as the has a T on the end meaning Tel$tra version


I think its pretty low of Samsung to pull a trick like this…if you didn’t pay close attention you may be fooled into thinking a Galaxy 5 is a Galaxy S coz 5 and S are so similar.


Well said cooper, I think for the price its excellent phone


It’s simple, want a bigger screen there is a choice out there for you, you just have to pay for it. The phone isn’t targeted at users like yourself. There is a market for small touchscreen phones currently occupied by Samsung’s Corby range and other featurephones and this fills a need there to provide an affordable prepaid smartphone for christmas, android provides a pretty good touch experience even with a screen that size and the phone is super pocketable as well. Sure web-browsing and app support is limited by the screen res, but it’s much better than what’s currently on… Read more »


For touchscreen phones they should be decent sized screens and this isnt. Theres a target for any product out there these days, But this is just crap from these brands producing shit old phones with android os… they are making android crap, should be on those very good phones like samsung galaxy, millennius apanda, to compete with the iphone… I mean these shocking small screen devices are crap.. There is n o way an iphone user would ever go down to these phones.. By trying to convert users onto android, these guys are doing a shit job, its downgrading the… Read more »

Joseph D Gould

Bloody hell ben, calm down. This is not ‘making android crap’. The beauty of Android is that it can run on a wide variety of hardware configs, and this is one of them. It’s too small a screen and resolution for me, but for anyone wanting a PHONE to do PHONE stuff it’ll be great, and then they may find they like being able to use some apps etc. and the next phone they buy is a more up market Android phone. The average Joe/Jill sees a PHONE, they may have heard of Android, but still look at individual phones.… Read more »


low camera pixel, screen is way too small for touchscreen the fingers will touch everything. Another shocking phone to the market. I really cant see how you can make smaller then 3.2″ for touchscreen..

Whats wrong with these guys