There’s no doubt that the HTC Desire HD is the most-wanted phone at the moment, and pre-sales figures are certainly showing that. Word out of HTC is that there is not enough supply to fulfill demand worldwide, and carriers & retailers have waiting lists as long as the eye can see. MobiCity recently stated on their blog that their first batch of Desire HD’s was completely sold and that their next batch is almost sold out. Vodafone, who have the exclusivity on the Desire HD, will also have hard time supplying the device to its customers. They haven’t yet specified a launch date but the 27th of this month might be a date to remember, but at this rate could indeed be knocked back well into November, so take that with your daily dose of salt.

Feel free to place a pre-order through Mobicity: Vodafone are yet to put up a pre-sale link 🙁

[Pic via Paul O’Brien]

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oooohhhhhhh, I like it very muchly


HTC Update on FB on 25/10/2010
“HTC Australia Hey Guys, hope you all had a great weekend! HTC is looking forward to the launch event of the HTC Desire HD tomorrow!! More details and pics will follow ;)”


did you guys see this which eludes to the DHD being released this week sometime? Makes me wonder if VHA will match the Mobicity release date of the 28th


I just noticed that this phone only has 1.5GB internal memory! Seriously HTC, only 1.5?? the Galaxy S has 8 Gb!
I know that with android2.2 you can shift apps to your sdcard, but apps with services running in the background need to be installed on internal memory.

Do you guys think this is a deal breaker?
– only 1.5 GB
– No front facing cam…

I’d love to hear your opinion on this.


1.5 GB internal memory is an improvement over the Desire’s 576MB and it shipped with 2.1!
Can live without the camera, the deal breaker for me is 3G only on 2100! Others have 3G 850/900/1700/1900/2100!
I would love to see HTC bring all 5 3g bands to there phones and offer larger internal memory!


well actually the galaxy s in Australia is 16gb internal and none of that can be used for apps, it has a dedicated 2gb of storage for that, and the desire HD will be 3G 2100/900, so far there is only one phone that is 3G penta-band and that is the new nokia n8, and considering nokia’s current record for POS phones….. no thanks


i’m trying to hold back on pre-ordering this beauty, feels like its bit expensive from mobicity. maybe it’ll be cheaper from UK or other European countries.



From Handtec it’s £399.99 and Clove have it at £399.99 which is about A$644.44.

The price may go down but you might have to wait for a few months before it does if the popularity of the device continues to cause strain on supply.


Grunger, thank you so much for the link mate 🙂
There’s a 200$ saving from buying this phone from Clove 🙂


Hot damn – there is every chance that this phone will outpace the iPhone 4 sales in Australia and the world.


voda give us a date already


This phone is going to change a lot of australians minds about what the best phone available is… I am very happy with my desire, especially now it is rooted and running tmod, damn the hd is tempting!


seems like there are problems with some batches of the Desire HD. The proximity sensor seems to lock causing the screen to go and to stay black.


If that was true why are they selling it with such an obvious flaw?

I am thinking I will wait a week or so after VHA starts selling to see if the batch they sell is ok. Too much waiting already but better than the problems of returning it if it is bad!

The manual for the DHD is on the same forum.


reading the latest posts this morning it seems HTC has just sent out an OTA update that fixes the problem. Nice fast work!