It seems vapourware has come to life today, with Notion Ink releasing a picture of a fully working ADAM. They have also plugged in a Keyboard & Mouse just to show you this is possible, yet unconventional for a Tablet. The best part about the pic is that it puts the size of the ADAM in to perspective, the second best thing is that it shows the ADAM is actually alive and hopefully available to a lucky 200 developers who get to try them out first. As for us consumers, well, who knows.

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    Received a response to Early Access Programme request. Not allowed to reveal details but can say it certainly won’t be available to public before Feb 2011 🙁 Even then, seems a huge amount of “optimisation”* is planned between the time it becomes available to developers and time its launched to public.


    You’ll have to weaken it first…


    Im starting to think that 7″ is just too small.. I mean great to carry around, But I really dont think 10″ and 7″ is a problem carrying around. End of the day it is bigger then the phone so you are prepared to carry something. I just think 7″ screen is a tad small to view things.. I mean the ipad I think have done great and there reasoning for not going for 7″ is correct I think,. come on android 10″ pads.. get that coming out.. and I dont mean those fake ipad looks or crap 10″ android… Read more »


    if I, as a developer, get early access (or better yet, win one via logo design comp), I promise a hands-on review exclusive to Ausdroid! (So vote for my design if it gets shortlisted!!!)

    Han Jenny

    Agreed Padoo. They really have harnessed social media, from picking preferred colour schemes to now judging the Notion Ink Corporate identity.

    Thumbs up to Notion Ink!


    These guys are doing a bloody good job in maintaining the public interest. They already have 3500+ Early Access Participation applicants re development etc and they did not have to pay anyone (note to microsoft)