Saturday , May 26 2018

Telstra & HTC to get Froyo out to Desires this week

Telstra have informed the (angry) world today that Froyo (Android 2.2) will be sent out to HTC Desires this week. Current info from Telstra says that the update is with HTC for the push out OTA or via HTC Sync (We think it’ll be OTA), so it’s either in HTC’s hands or Telstra are just handballing it. We hope they’re not lying this time. Get excited Desire owners, but not too excited..

Buzz Moody  

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2 Comments on "Telstra & HTC to get Froyo out to Desires this week"

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Valued Guest

only was able to download from Asia 2 server and was very very slowwwww

Valued Guest

FINALLY !!! Not OTA (at this point in time)

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