Tuesday , June 19 2018

HTC attempt to help out frustrated Desire users with their 2.2 update

There were more than a handful of users that couldn’t get their Froyo update to work, even a (nearly) bricked device or two. We told Telstra & HTC about the problem, as did A LOT of you guys, which is brilliant, and now HTC doesn’t want you to suffer any longer, and you shouldn’t, so they’ve put together a list of things to do to help up the chances of your update going without a hitch, or a brick.

To assist our customers in downloading the Froyo update for the HTC Desire in Australia, below are some helpful tips. For any further assistance, customers should contact HTC Customer Care in Australia on 1300-482-482. An over-the-air update will be available soon for customers.

1. Follow the installation instructions that are available on the HTC Australia support web site
2. Before installing HTCSync remove any previous versions.
3. Remove any HTC drivers from Windows Device manager
4. Install the latest version of HTC Sync 3
5. Disable any Anti Virus s/w or firewalls.
6. Connect the device directly to the PC/Laptop and not via a USB hub
7. Reboot the computer.
8. If all fails try another computer

Hopefully these tips will help out the users who are currently too frustrated to bother with the update again. But as always, tell us how you go 🙂

Buzz Moody  

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Valued Guest

Disable your Internet connection.

Windows auto upgrades the usb driver that the HTC Package installs and stuffs the whole upgrade package

Windows 7 Ultimate

Valued Guest

Tried to upgrade using Windows 7, after second computer and many atemps, used xp on third computer, upgrade was successful.

Valued Guest

A very polite although somewhat flustered bloke from HTC ran me through all of that yesterday; needless to say it did not work.
Why in the name of all things sensible didn’t Telstra just do the OTA bit from the start?
I wonder if they have learned their lesson when the time comes (if it comes) for “Gingerbread”.
BTW the OTA worked beautifully.

Valued Guest

I had troubles on Windows 7 64-bit, but successfully updated from an XP netbook that I had lying around. Just make sure you deactivate your WoW authenticator first, before you flash it.

Ausdroid Reader

Telstra helping customers….now that’s a rarity!

Valued Guest

Interesting that HTC are the ones proclaiming an Over The Air update soon.
Maybe Telstra should have put the Over The Air version first. It may have stopped a lot of hassles…

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