So it turns out that too many people were having problems with HTC Sync and HTC & Telstra have instead decided to push the update OTA to prevent any further problems. To get the update, if you haven’t already updated, follow the instructions below.

(*menu* ->) Settings -> About phone -> System software updates -> Check now

This update needs to be done with 25MB free and use of WiFi is encouraged as the update is nearing 170MB 92MB. This should stop people having problems with HTC Sync. Once again, tell us how you go in the comments 🙂

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Chris Johnson

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well over the air upgrade to HTC Telstra Desire 2.2 worked really well. There is one major problem with the latest HTC Synch and Windows 7 and a 64 Bit operating system it wont talk to my laptop anymore. Has anyone else had this problem found a solution.

Neill Horsman

Updated my flatmates desire over the weekend with the OTA update,
I backed everything up but luckily it didnt wipe the phones data, and all screens, messages, apps etc were still there 🙂
Job made easy.

Just a pity it still included all of telstra’s “apps”…


I have two Desires in this house.

Both are now running T-Mod without issue, and lovin’ it a lot more than they ever loved the Telstra branded ROM.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, look to T-Mod (Google it). It’s faster, easier and doesn’t have the Telstra crappy bloatware, but is still configured for the NextG network.

Finding better battery life as a result too of the new radio ROM. 🙂


Mine worked no issues with HTC sync

Duncan Watson

I have the Telstra HTC Desire (A8183) on the Telecom XT network in NZ. I did the Froyo upgrade this morning. Made a pile of backups including MyBackupPro but didn’t need them for the restore. Went smoothly using OTA (WiFi at home), except I had a false start because I didn’t have 25 MB free memory – delete Google Earth and then it went through fine. Contacts, Apps, SMS, emails, etc all retained. The ONLY settings lost were the APN details for the Telecom XT network – after putting those back in all was fine. Took about an hour. Not… Read more »

Tage Pedersen

Hi all,
Took the change and downloaded the update. First problem was the backup that did not work and I thought OOPS, but it continued to update and everything are working as far as I can see. It may even be a bit faster on the internet.
A new icon for phones is placed on the front, have to see if I like it better than phones in the bottom.


Like so many – tried OTA – and although I have confirmed I have 2.1 the update isnt available as I “am up to date”.

Am having issues with the Telstra update, error code 171 to start, then 170. Sync will connect and then it will disconnect as soon as the update starts examining my Desire.

WTF – this shouldnt be an issue.


First attempt failed, only had 21MB free memory. After removing some games the install ran fine. All my apps and settings are fine.


OTA downloaded quickly and loaded no problem at all. No loss of data.

David Stallard

I am so glad I rooted my phone and put on a custom ROM. Haven’t had a problem and have had fro yo with htc sense since. Telstra have no Idea about customer satisfaction.


So dose the OTA update default your phone or not?
would have been nice to not have to reconfigure my 2 phones


All of my settings, contacts, messages, apps etc are intact.


After reading about everyones problems with the update via HTC Sync, I decided to wait until the bugs were ironed out.

Just updated OTA. Worked perfect 😀


OTA worked a charm. Its a wonder they didn’t do this in the first place.


Tried the download from HTC and got a 171 Error message. Tried the OTA and it went like a dream. Way to go. Pity Skype won’t work on my phone yet.


baloor – I have a UK imported Desire with the official ROM. The privacy setting also went missing in the 2.2 update for the official ROM. However, it is not gone, only hidden – do a search of your settings (by cliking on the magnifying glass button and then the ‘g’ in the top left) for ‘Privacy’. Possibly this is the same on the Telstra ROM? I don’t think the HTC backup is much good though so I wouldn’t rely on it. I feel sorry for everybody with the Telstra Desire. Update should have been OTA to begin with. The… Read more »


Was going to say something similar…the Desire is a fantstic piece of gear, and I honestly could not be happier with mine, but all this ballsing around by Telstra (and to a lesser extent, HTC), has really let the brand down and left a real bad taste in many folks mouths… That Telstra tried to take the easy way out and avoid having to go OTA initially, just shows how cheap and ignorant they really are…

Don’t blame the phone, blame the big T…


Yes. I did see the Privacy settings could be found by searching the settings.
Not sure how that worked for the UK ROM, but the new Telstra ROM has the same hidden Privacy settings.
enabling or disabling them has no effect. If you remove your backup folder from the SD you’ll notice the backup folder never returns again. The backup feature is disabled.

It mostly annoys me as the documentation and support site all advise of the backup feature.
They appear to have moved to the new route and left the other devices with nothing.


FU*K u telstra its a bit late my phone is now fU*cked!!!!


OTA worked, but I couldn’t get the Internet going again because it changed the APN. I’ve manually changed it back to the details listed on this website, and now it’s working again.

Oh, and Foxtel doesn’t appear to be working anymore. Icon’s there, but the screen goes blank for a second, and then I’m on the home screen… hrm.


The HTC built in backup and restore functionality no longer exists with the new software release.
No official word from Telstra or HTC on if this is a bug or if the feature is gone for good.

Is anyone aware if the backup functions were removed from any other official ROM releases for the Desire?


Just completed the OTA update…worked perfectly, took only 20mins in total. If only they’d started with an OTA update…

P.S. no wipe, so no proper backup really required, it seems…though probably a good idea to do one just to be safe.


Let’s see whether this works, just as well I have a good head of hair. There would be none left by now if I didn’t!


Updated perfect hope Telstra learn that customers want simple operations eg upgrades,plans etc etc then they will surge


yep, so the ota is available. cool. well, if my phone would stop rebooting itself. Spent an hour downloading, 33%, reboot. twice.
congrats to anyone that had some luck, to anyone thinking of buying this phone, don’t unless you’re a computer whiz and you have a spare life you can dedicate to making your phone usable.

john firth

The 2.2 upgrade it full of problems be warned you cant restore your backups and they are now telling me you will never be able to. This means you will need to set up your phone and programs and all phone information will be lost pitty they dint tell me before i did the upgrade


Yeah major loss. I had about a 1000 sms messages and lost it all… I remember when doing a previous update the phone prompted me to restore from SD card but this time around… nothing!!! There is obviously some faults with the software


oops- FROYO is 2.2- just happy to have it after all this. Roll on Gingerbread ota this time please?


THE ota works :).finally FROYO. still shows version as 2.2 but it’s froyo- thanks to those who pushed for this.


Sucessfulluy upgraded to Android 2.2 OTA. No Hiccups!!


Yep, another successful OTA/WiFi upgrade…


Who is Pete Symons anyway?


Doing my friend’s Desire OTA and it failed as there wasn’t enough memory. D’oh! Well at least he’ll finally be able to put some big apps on his phone – like Co Pilot, the best GPS app out there but @ 230 MB you’ve got no hope on 2.1!

Faked out again

Nope, just tried it and it told me my phone was up to date…with Android 2.1…oh, that Telstra…They’re like Lucy, and I feel Charlie Brown trying to kick the football…how many times will I fall for the same thing?


What a balls up.