Telstra’s Prepaid Tablet, the T-Touch Tab, is now available for preorder on their website. The T-Touch is aimed at the lower end of the market with its reasonable price of $299, a price which puts it in the same competing grounds as the Millennius SmartQ Tablet which retails for $269.

The T-Touch as we’ve said previously, is a Huawei IDEOS S7 which has had its UI changed to the point where it’s now Telstra’s b**ch. Bloatware comes pre-installed for your enjoyment. A plus for the T-Touch Tab is that included in the $299 is a whopping 3GB of data and $10 to spend on calls and texts for the month, after which the price will no doubt sky-rocket. We’re not going to judge the T-Touch Tab too harshly as it is a low-end device with a low-end price tag, so we’d love to know what you guys think, and if any of you are looking to get one.

Also, we’re not too sure about their slogan “You can get a Tablet for that.

Source: Telstra.
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Graeme Hill

One of the pains in the arse with this is there are no USB drivers available for Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7 yes if you can be bothered to read the internal help documentation and then burrow through the website. None for XP though which really is a poor job. Can someone point out to Telstra there are a LOT of XP systems still out there ?


I just got a generic 7″ tablet off ebay.

Cost $149.00

had it a week now and it’s great… big enough to see small enough to put almost anywhere, except in a pocket.

It’s has a resistive screen, 800mhz telechip, Android 2.1 and all the apps, so far work.

facebook, ebay, web all work along with music and video playback.

So far i’m a happy 1st time droider


Is it unlocked? I might buy if I can use with voda!


oh i just realized, ‘grab life with 2 hands’ sorry no multitouch, move along.


Low end tablets, nothing wrong with them.. I got the Millennius smartq about 2 weeks ago.. but bought it at $299 🙁 doesnt matter though. i really like it,., It works really well with the stylus and I like stylus.. I have big hands and doesnt go well wwith a 7″ tab.. and telstra has a stylus also.. same shit to me.. But if were to buy the tablets now.. id go with the millennius its really good and im enjoying it. And I could save like $30 or so with the tab.. My 2 cents… i guess im the… Read more »


telstra t touch tablet tech tidbit


Yeah, I think it’s at the right price for people to take a punt on something different to put under the Christmas Tree. Being Pre-paid, it seems to be aged at teens or students w/o a whole lot of disposable income.

I just hope ppl don’t see it has Android’s best alternative to other tablets in the aust market. I really was hoping for the ‘hero’ Android tablet to launch first so ppl can see how good the OS is on a 7 inch device.


not suitable for my either.


After I posted it I thought, Buzz will *roll eyes* for sure 😛


I’m in the same boat… I’m in the percived target market, but I don’t want it.

To be honest, because I’m a ThinkPad whore, I’d rather have a Lenovo X201t any day. If only they weren’t ten times the price… 🙁


Also, regarding the slogan, I smell lawsuit.


3 Hr battery life = Fail (unless you’re tied to your desk in which case you might as well use a realy laptop)

Get the Archos 101 instead – Comes to about $360 delivered.


To be honest I am actually thinking of picking one of these up just to have around the house for IM and general web surfing. Saves lugging the laptop everywhere