It appears that it’s not only Telstra that will be directly selling the T-Touch Tab, Target are also in on the act and will be selling the T-Touch from tomorrow onwards for the same $299 price tag as Telstra. The same 3GB of data is included, and Target kindly points out that it’s locked to the Telstra network, which isn’t too much of a problem considering it’s a 850MHz/2100MHz device. Anyone going to pick up one of these? If so, tell us what you think.

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i got my t touch tab and turned it on and had a little look then it died so i tried to charge it up again and then turn it back on but since it died the only thing that will come up is the first screen that comes up saying telstra but wont go any further then that.. anyone no what to do ?


HA never mind, I told him to give it to me to look and his contacts were indeed there. Dummy!


My other half purchased one of these today. Looking for some help as to how he can set it to synchornise contacts with outlook? He wants to be able to do it the same as he does with his Nokia (just plug it in and the tech does the rest). But I dont think its going to be that simple.

David Jones

As I mentioned on my comments for the Optus My Tab, I purchased a T-Touch Tab (yes, the name is extremely lame). I have previous experience with cheap Shenzai tablets, an aPad (Moonse) iRobot E7001 running Android 1.5 and a WITS A81e running Android 2.2, but with no accelerometer. Although the WITS is ok, the Huawei S7 / T-Touch Tab is light years ahead of the WITS. I had looked at the Huawei S7 last July when Expansys and Mobicity was advertising them at $500. At $300, I am very happy with the device and I will probably get it… Read more »

Sublime Porte

How is the responsiveness of the touchscreen?

I have a cheap Chinese tablet I bought off ebay a few months ago and the screen isn’t that crash hot. Need to really push it hard to get a good response from it, and that’s not very good when trying to do sliding gestures like unlocking it, which often takes a few goes.

Also does anyone know if rooting the device would help in removing the network lock? Or is it done at a deeper level?


I pre-ordered one of these from Tel$tra… I got an email on Monday saying that they were out of stock. I called tel$tra today to get an update… they told me I’d have to wait 48 Hours before they could get an update on the order. I cancelled my order on the phone there and then. I went to the local T-life store… where I was told they had stock in earlier but now they were out of stock… To which I was a little outraged… I had already paid for my T-Touch on pre-order… Yet I’m told they are… Read more »

David Jones

Not sure where you tried, but there was no supply problem in Melbourne CBD T-Life store and the other Telstra Stores I visited that week. I bought mine at the T-Life store on Wednesday (3rd) Afternoon about 4.30pm.


I’m buying one t’morrow and slipping in my post paid sim. Will see if it works. $300 is pretty reasonable for what you get and resistive screen, well i couldn’t care. Its only going to get used n abused until decent tablets arrive next year. My 2 cents


ide really like to know if thats possible cause thats what i intend on doing too


I was just having a look at this on Telstra’s website and the data plans for this vs the ipad are a complete joke. $30 on this tablet will get you 700mb, but if you have an ipad $30 will get you 3GB. That’s just ridiculous, data costs Telstra the same amount to put through it’s network regardless of what device its going to so why the stupid difference in pricing?


I am never sure if Tel$tra knows what is it doing let alone the rest of us. My only thinking is they either think they can make more money off Apple rubbish or to compete with the other iphone deals.


Does it have a resistive or capacitive display?


Hey Buzz, can you review this thing? For a resistive screen phone, it still seems compelling at that price point considering its features.


gotta feeling this will leave a bad mark for android


I hope people see it for what it is, a cheap entry level budget device! And being $700 less than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, hopefully sets off the you get what you pay for message! Could sit well with Facebook addicts whose parents can’t afford 3 galaxy’s!


i do hope they consider the price, but when i was trying to convince one of my friends to get an android phone rather than iphone, she said that ‘all touch phones except iphone suck’ because the only touch screens she had used were resistive.


I would guess that target probably won’t have a demo model, but the t life shops most likely will!
St least when the t life shop is sold out you can go to target! And they have lay buy!
Happy to see target following the rules and declaring the device locked!


Our Target store has a real one out in a locked cabinet that I’m sure can be handled by a customer under staff supervision, however I doubt it will be turned on for actual playtime.


i hope i can try it out in store