Samsung are really going to push the Galaxy Tab it appears, with NAVIGON signed on to have their navigation software installed onto every single Galaxy Tab sold within Australia, which is the same agreement The Australian recently struck with Samsung. The version of NAVIGON installed on the device will give basic turn-by-turn navigation & directions, and will require paid add-ons, like the ones below, to get more out of the software.

  • The Safety & Relax Package ($12.95): provides Lane Assistant Pro, Speed & Red Light Camera Warnings, School Zones and Speed Warner.
  • The Traffic Live Package ($19.95): delivers real-time traffic information and routes drivers around congested roads, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The traffic information is provided by Suna Traffic.
  • The Sound & Fun Package ($9.95): adds text-to-speech, announcing street names in addition to directions, and International Voices with different dialects, to lighten up the journey.

By adding in these Australian-based application, Samsung hopes this will enable them to obviously sell more of them to the local market. Hey Samsung, here’s an idea: Sell it at a reasonable price!

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I don’t understand why these devices keep getting bigger and bigger…mobile phones came out and they were huge bricks and then they got smaller and smaller and smaller and now we’re reversing and getting bigger again. LOL Its crazy. I was adamant to buy a SGS because it had a 4″ screen. Mind you, now that I have it, I LOVE it, but I mean how are you gonna wander around with a 7″ screen in your pocket? Otherwise you have to carry a bag, and how are you going to mount it on the windscreen as a GPS device… Read more »


show us the plans already because i am not plonking 999$ for this.

virgin 49? deal