+ Monday December 16th, 2019

When the Desire HD was first announced by HTC and Vodafone just a few days ago, they did mention it was coming to Three ‘soon’. Well, ‘soon’ is ‘now, as the Desire HD is up on Three’s online store available to all. Pricing starts from $29/mo (+$15/mo) all the way to $119/mo on their unlimited caps. If you’re hoping to get the Desire HD for $0 upfront, you’ll be looking at the $59 cap which is almost the same as Vodafone’s, and if you order online you get $50 bonus credit. It appears to be for new customers only for online sales, however heading into your local Three store and having a chat could get you somewhere. Full listing of Three’s plans, after the break.

Quick note, I’ll be doing a quick review of the Desire HD sometime in the next two weeks and Chris will be reviewing the Desire Z soon as well.

Source: Three Store.

Buzz Moody  

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Mate, Never buy a phone from Three, They never approve updates released by the manufacturer. I have an Xperia X10 and i’ve never got even the small firmware update on my phone. Go for Vodafone instead.

Ausdroid Reader

Looking forward to the review and particularly Chris’ thoughts on the Desire Z.


I actually just walked in and picked one up from the store as well. So far so good except i cant seem to get the HTC sense website to recognise my phone.

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