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So some information just caught our attention and is what appears to be Telstra’s (so far unreleased) Galaxy Tab pricing. I spent a good hour or so looking at the pricing details to try to work out what the hell is going on, and this is the sense I made from it. No doubt there will be changes to this as I work it out 100%, but I’m pretty confident with what can be found below. There may also be an outright price, but hold tight.

From the look of the pricing, Telstra are certainly covering the high-end with the Galaxy Tab and the low-end with the T-Touch Tab. As for technical details on the Galaxy Tab for Telstra, it will be a 850MHz/2100MHz device to work on NextG, so there will be fast HSPA+ wherever you are. Hit the break to have your minds blown, and to check out a cool table I made.. Oh yeah, and the pricing!

Telstra Galaxy Tab Plans

  • 29 Cap = 1GB Data
  • 49 Cap = 7GB Data
  • 79 Cap = 12GB Data
  • Outright = $850 (Not 100% sure about this)

Galaxy Tab Repayments

  • 29 Cap = $25/mo
  • 49 Cap = $25/mo
  • 79 Cap = $15/mo

So if you were to compare these to Optus’s Galaxy Tab Plans you’d get..

Tab Repayments$25/mo$0
Total Cost (24months)$1,776$1,438.8

One thing I’m currently unsure about is whether or not calls/texts are included in the plan or whether you’ll be charged full price for them like Optus is going to do. I can’t wait to add to this table once we get pricing from the other Carriers 😉

Buzz Moody  

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Annalisa Wert

Heya! Just wanted to convey that I really like your posting style and that I’m going to visit this blog regularly from now on 😉 Keep writing!


It’s now the 20th and can’t seem to find any more news since this was published. Telstra seems to have only an expression of interest on their website, any idea to what is going on?

Would really like to get this from telstra but their pricing is looking very uncompetitive at the moment, especially since im not interesting in making many calls from the tab.


“One thing I’m currently unsure about is whether or not calls/texts are included in the plan or whether you’ll be charged full price for them like Optus is going to do.”

What’s full price rates?

I was hoping to use this with a headset to replace my phone during the week, and pickup a mini droid for use during the weekends.

Richard Clement

Any news on WHEN Telstra will be releasing the Tab? I have been harassing our corporate rep but he wont let anything slip…


Is this pricing with the tablet or must you still pay the initial $999

Ausdroid Reader

This is pricing with the tablet on a 24 month contract.
That’s what the “Tab Repayments” is for.

$999 is if you buy the tablet outright with no plan.


I have an SGS. Don’t know if for $999 that I can justify a tab as well. I know there will be other interest but im sure that a large portion drawn to the device will be android or more specificly galaxy fans already. Maybe extraordinary battery life could sway me…


Wow, very unusual, well I guess the high price from telstra is normal though

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