You guys on Twitter said it couldn’t be done, I agreed, but I feel this table just has to be made. So I’ve taken on the task of making table to compare these two devices, with the specs currently being rumoured. None the less they’re both pretty.. terrible low-end devices.

So if you’re wanting the superior, hard-hitting, unmatched comparison tables that you’ve come to know and hate love, hit the break 😉

  My Tab T-Touch Tab
Cost $279 $299
Included Data 3GB 3GB
Carrier Locked Yes Yes
Android Ver. 2.1 (2.2 coming) 2.1 (2.2 being tested)
Screen 7″ – Resistive – 800×480 7″ – Resistive – 800×480
3G 900Mhz/2100Mhz – 7.2Mbps/5.76Mbps 850Mhz/2100Mhz – 7.2Mbps/5.76Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g 802.11 b/g/n
Weight 403g 500g
CPU N/A 768MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon
Camera 3MP 2MP / VGA front

I’m pretty sure that’s most of the stuff I can think of with the large amounts of differentiating information available, though it seems they’re extremely similar. If there’s something we can add/remove/change let us know and we’ll do just that 🙂

Source: Telstra & Optus.
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BTW It was the Optus Mytab I was referring to above!

Just picked one of these up today.

I wanted a cheap Android tablet and am so far impressed. I didn’t expect the world for the price but what I have a a good, cheap tablet for emails and basic web surfing.


still resistive screen though but good and cheap.


David ha… you presumptious prick…

giuseppe melfi

david, first off, I have use/own many touch screen devices: ipod touch, ipad, archos 5 it… so yes I do know both capacitive and resistive and the differences between the 2. in fact I loved my ipad but sold it because I hate ios with no widget support. froyo is coming to the telstra t-touch tab, you will see. yes the battery is not good but charge in one hour and you can buy spare. I like surfing on the couch and that is the right size and in fact using it to reply to you. finally I work for… Read more »

giuseppe melfi

sorry david fabris to contradict you but: 1. music 120 minutes — did you had the screen on? 2. t-touch support mp4 file and of course there is rock player 3. screen calibration required when chaing an apps — i havent experience that, what do you mean? 4. which email program are you sing? i use seven apk and it work perfectly. 5. i got about 4-5 hours with surfing on the couch using 3g. not too bad. i guess the device failed your requirement so i suggest you go get an ipad, i did at first and then i… Read more »

David Fabris

hmmm, The t-touch device is just another $100 chinese tab which is way over priced that was the main point. 1- You contradict yourself, why would having the screen on for 2 hours be a problem if you claim 4-5 hours web browsing is OK. I think that once you do get to actually use a touch screen device you will realise why even the illiterate people(no such word as literated) are laughing at you and your alleged claim to being some sort of professional. 2- t-touch has poor codec support, where is your contradiction or is this another word… Read more »

David Fabris

If the t-touch is anything to go by then both these products well over priced, also the idea that either will get android 2.2 is a little far fetched, hauwei who make the t-touch have stated there is no plan to develop froyo for this device. After 24 hours and 3 required recharges later the t-touch was returned to telstra, the main reason being only the power switch worked as expected. video play < 75 minutes for an avi(once a player was loaded t-touch supports virtually no video codecs), pdf's all failed to read properly, music < 120 minutes of… Read more »

Don’t know about the Teltra one but have seen a few sources saying 2.2 is comign soon for the Optus Mytab.

We will just have to wait and see what eventuates.

giuseppe melfi

since when we have non litterated people replying on something they dont have or cant understand because it’s to complicated. i use to have an ipad which is more the regular people and we have the other tabs ( android) which are for the real professionnal like myself. i have now that device and it is a great piece of equipement, very fast and it beats the quadrant score of the google nexus when it is on 2.1 so imgaine what i will do when it goes to 2.2 also i already root the device so using set.cpu i can… Read more »


“litterated” come on. No offence but reading your posts hurt my brain.

David Jones

I think you can also add a VGA front camera for the ZTE from what I can find.

David Jones

As long as it is equivalent to the Telstra T-Touch Pad, and from the limited specs I can find online, I think it will be, based on my experiences. You certainly don’t want to buy some of the lower spec’ed ones that are starting to appear at Big-W (i.e. the Pioneer Computers DreamBook ePad 7, which looks like the Eken M002 (, which really is a piece of crap with its supposedly 533mhz (but it is actally an overclock 300mhz) Via processor! My first tablet was one of the Rockchip based aPad (or Moonse) E7001 which lasted exactly 48 hours… Read more »

John Boxall

Just wait until around April 2011, they’ll be $149 in a dark dusty corner at KMart or…


For $279 it’s actually pretty sweet.
If it can play movies smoothly then it’s already worth it’s cost.


both resistive means both crap, even on 2.1 or 2.2


How much is data once the included data is used up?

David Jones

Buzz, I think you might have been dreaming when you say $30 gets you 5gb at Telstra. According to the Telstra website, when you recharge the Telstra T-Touch Tab, $30 will get you: Up to 700 MB (4.29c per MB) + $7 Bonus Credit (Talk/Text)6, 30 days expiry I bought one of the Telstra T-Touch Tabs last Wednesday, after playing with one, to keep my Tablet fix until the Samsung Galaxy Tab arrived. I have been very happy with, especially when compared to my current tablet (WITS A81e), which still is OK other than no 3G and no accelerometer. Mind… Read more »


What can i say… I have a similar machine.

800mhz processor

7″ – Resistive – 800×480


AND, it’s pretty good…get’s me access to my clients and data when I want it. Plays video smooth for my 9yr OLD. Plays music when plugged into the car stereo.


both pretty shitty.

lol had to be said.