You see what I see? Yep, that’s a next-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab with a Super AMOLED display peeking out. Super AMOLED, for those of you who aren’t currently aware, is Samsung’s next-generation display technology that is used in the Galaxy S and Wave, and it’s only now that Samsung have been able to stretch the size out to 7 inches (WXVGA) for use in the Galaxy Tab. This display technology is quite expensive at the moment, which will no doubt lead to a higher priced Galaxy Tab. Yes, possibly higher than the current RRP of $999. None the less there is a lot of excellent technology to look forward to next year! 🙂

Source: Android Central.
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I think I’ll be waiting for the Super AMOLED version as I wasn’t going to get one till after xmas anyway and a few more months wait wont hurt… baah who am I kidding I usually fall off the no-new-gadgets wagon within 2 weeks.
It would be nice to see them both side by side.


Oh, and did anyone else notice the pixel-popping 4.5″ 1024×600 sign in the background? That’s a HD screen on what’s probably a phone or small mid. Hopefully Samsung don’t give it some hyped up name like “Iris Display” or anything like that!


This info was one of the first things I read on my Gal Tab last night just after getting it charged and set up. Oh well, same thing happened when I bought my Pioneer Kuro plasma, they launched the new improved model. We can’t escape Moore’s Law and the rapid improvements in technology. Sammy has committed to the next 2 OS upgrades on the Tab so that’s good enough for me 🙂

Oh, btw, I got mine from from Harvey Norman Bundall, QLD and they had lots of ’em.

Richard Clement

Nice work Samsung – now everyone will just wait. Who have you got in marketing there?

By the way – my local HN have no idea when they are getting stock and Optus store George Street Sydney had no stock on “launch day” and said check back in a few days. They had no idea when they were getting any.

Call this a launch?


Jay Dee

Great work Samsung – way to launch a product by announcing an upraded version next year. Suddenly a 24 month contract doesnt look as appealing