Now that Telstra & Optus have released their Galaxy Tab pricing information, Vodafone has decided it’s time to join the party. Today they spilled the beans on their blog with all the pricing and availability info you’ll ever need to get your hands on the Vodafone Galaxy Tab. There are three sets of plans: Mobile Data (24month), Mobile Data (month2month) & Voice (24month). As for availability, it’ll be available in stores 12th of November and online from the 15th. Hit the break for all the plan details.

Mobile Data (24 Month)

Mobile Data (Month 2 Month)

Yep, you can get it outright for that good ol’ $999 price tag.

Voice (24 Month)

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I spoke to Vodafone yesterday (and had a good play with a Tab) and they told me that excess data on the $29 voice plan (or the other voice plans) was 0.02c per mb, ie $20 per gb. That seemed pretty cheap. Anyone know if that’s right? Sounded less than I’ve heard for excess data.


That’s ridiculous. $15 cap and you pay $30/mth for the tab, but $49 cap (more than triple of 15) and you still pay $26/mth for the Tablet?

That’s just ridiculously lame. They should give the Tablet for free on $49 cap.

Anyway. I think I’m gonna pass on the Galaxy Tab. People are already working on lag fixes for the Tab. It’s not worth the trouble. Hopefully ADAM turns out to be better or Google Tablet with Chrome OS.


Wow … so expensive! I realise this isn’t voda’s fault … but just wow! I still have big expectations for Adam’s Notion Ink … or is it Notion Ink’s Adam? Whichever!