Now that we have pretty concrete pricing information from Telstra, Optus & Vodafone concerning the Galaxy Tab, I think it’s about time we put some of that information together in another fantastic comparison table. We’ve taken plans that are all as close as they can get from each of the Carriers and put them up against each other. No doubt we can add other table variations to this, so let us know what you think in the comments below the post. Hit the break to get into it.

Mobile Data (24month)

  Telstra Optus Vodafone
Plan $49/mo $59.95/mo $49/mo
Tab Repayments $25/mo $0 $26/mo
Monthly Cost $74/mo $59.95/mo $75/mo
Data 7GB 10GB+ (20GB on off-peak) 16GB
Total Cost (24months) $1,776 $1,438.8 $1,800

For the time being we have no information from Telstra or Optus regarding voice plans, so we can’t compare them to the ones Vodafone announced yesterday. With the information provided in the table above, which Carrier would you go with?

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Gedi Worrier

Thanks for the updates, folks. I am interested in the Tab on the Optus network. I MUST be able to use it to tether a laptop, as I am paying for it by discontinuing a wireless broadband service. Can someone confirm that the tethering really does work on the Optus device (ie, they haven’t disabled it)?


Worth mentioning, according to Samsung australia, you can’t use the Tab up to your ear like a standard phone, perhaps with the android 3.0 software you will be able to, but for now you have to use the wired headset or bluetooth earpiece.

And here I was looking forward to holding it up to my ear in public 🙁


Got my Tab from Harvey Norman on wednesday on Optus $59.95 cap. Interestingly, the Tab seems to pull in the 3G signal & data better than any phone I’ve used. Perhaps Samsung has put a powerful battery hogging antennae in it?


I think its worth noting on here that (from what I can tell) Vodafone has the cheapest contract option at total $45/month for 1.5GB

If you dont really care about data but also do not want to pay the $999 upfront, Vodafone appears to be the best option.


I would have to go with the Telstra if I where to get one at all! The optus network lost me with the 3G crowding, Vodafone is in bed with 3, and my 3 phone never works! Yep, stick with Telstra, sure, only 7GB but 90% of my use would be on wi-fi and when it was mobile, it would actually work when and where I want it to!


I agree completely. Optus reception is abysmal in SE melbourne. My partner and I both have nexus one’s, but hers barely copes with google maps because of optus. We always use mine on Telstra now. She’ll be switching to Telstra once her N1 dies!

And 7GB is more than enough for the tab!


10MB increments? That’s disgusting.
Next they’ll have 100GB plans with 250MB increments.


Clearly TheHam uses “mb”, meaning millibits…which makes nullsense.


You might want to put a big fat asterisk next to the optus data allowance due to their 10mb per session usage count (i’m still not sure how they calculate that). I’d be interested to see how a couple of email accounts syncing on a repeated basis would chew through a lot of data if it’s down in 10mb increments. I’m pretty sure telstra and vodafone charge the data for the amount you actually use.


Re the 10Mb sessions, can’t see anything about this on the Optus site for the Galaxy Tab nor in their SFOA documents on their website?


Can’t see it on the product page itself at all (no mention of 10MB sessions). The “more info” page seems to indicate its calculated in kilobytes.

Look under 2.3 Service Charges… !


so it looks like optus>voda>telstra.

Richard Clement

Just picked one up from Vodafone Chatswood on a $55 10Gb plan. Can confirm that Froyo’s Wireless AP function works perfectly, complete with WPA2 security – so I got a 10Gb data plan for $55 which is reasonable by itself – the tablet is almost a bonus! I had half expected this function to be disabled. First impressions – and I should clarify that I am what many would consider an Apple fanboy – are that I REALLY love it. I like the small size, everything seems to work well so far. Kindle app and Dropbox up and running –… Read more »


Maybe add a row with total monthly payments?


Wow how aggresive are Optus with their pricing on this one. Almost seems a no brainer.