Wednesday , June 6 2018

Nexus S / Android 2.3 pictures hit the web, blurry as anything

We’ve seen the Nexus S a few times on Engadget, then un-officially outed by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 conference (video after the break), now some of the blurriest pictures known to man have hit the web of what appears to be the Nexus S in all its curved glory. Included are pictures showing Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and I’m honestly not sure what I think of the UI. I’ll try not to judge it yet until I see it in action for myself. All the pictures available in the gallery below.

Some specs were also posted on XDA-Developers.

  • ArmV7 CPU
  • Open GL ES Supported
  • ~328MB Ram
  • 1GB Internal Memory
  • 800×480 Screen Resolution
  • 4″ Screen Size
  • SuperAmoled2 – Possibly
  • 720P HD Video
[nggallery id=60]

Source: XDA Developers.

Buzz Moody  


  1. Also, sometimes some of the ram is dedicated to graphics processing, like with the galaxy s. Even still, low specs for the next generation of a high-end handset. 🙁

  2. There was some talk over on the XDA forums that it’s highly unlikely to be 328 MB of RAM as its not the usual structure of memory (256, 512, 768 ect). What it is more likely is that it has 512 MB of RAM and that 328 is how many were left after some of the process started taking up some of the memory.

  3. It’d be awesome if they released Gingerbread on all phones that have the minimum spec requirements. Unfortunately, unlike Apple, Google and the phone manufacturers don’t really care about fragmentation.

  4. Those specs give me hope that gingerbread will run okay on low end devices.

  5. awesome looking handset, would love to get one, but 328MB ram?! that’s a bit pointless considering something like the Desire HD has 768MB ram…… nerfed much?

  6. pretty low spec for a Nexus follow up 🙁

  7. whats super amoled 2? and that seems like low ram if its supposed to succeed the nexus one

  8. The Nexus S – S is for Shakey 😉

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