If you haven’t yet purchased a SE X8 from Dick Smith with their $249 price tag, you can always head to BigW and snap one up for just $199. The device is locked to Optus which will set you back $80 to unlock. According to the catalogue there is a limit of 1 per customer, though I wouldn’t be expecting anyone to head in-store trying to buy 4 of them at a time. If the speaker on the X8 is anything like that of the ones of the X10 Mini series, it’ll be a great little media device.

Source: BigW.
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If this phone had a 5mp camera I would so go and buy this just because I bet it’ll end up with 2.1 before my Telstra phone does. Plus I’m still on the end of an optus plan and they’d unlock it for free.


Would’ve been a great multimedia phone if they didn’t skimp on the camera. Why did they strip out that nice 5MP snapper ??


if only there was a cheaper way to unlock…..


just get a pan with one of the optus resellers like liveconnected.me or tpg