+ Monday December 16th, 2019

Telstra have just officially announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The pricing they announced is the same as what we were informed of a number of weeks ago, that being..

Samsung GALAXY TabTelstra Data+ Cap $29 PlanTelstra Data+ Cap $49 PlanTelstra Data+ Cap $79 Plan
Minimum Monthly Access Spend (Minimum term 24 months)$29$49$79
Monthly repayment option, after MRO bonus$25$25$15
Total Monthly Minimum Spend$54

(min cost over 24 months $1296)

(min cost over 24 months $1776)

(min cost over 24 months $2256)
Included monthly Data for use in Australia1GB7GB12GB
Included Call Allowance for standard calls and SMS to any Australian network$10$10$10

The one thing I am really stoked about is the low price of $840 for its outright purchase. It almost makes it a viable option to buy for Christmas, keyword “almost”. You can read our glorious review of the Galaxy Tab here.

In other Telstra Tablet news, the T-Touch Tab will be available on plans from December the 7th

Source: Telstra Exchange.

Buzz Moody  

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shit i thought i read ‘$480’

haha >.<'


Shame they haven’t included one with less data but more voice

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