A few of you on Twitter asked me what Gingerbread is like and if I can upload some screenshots. And I have done that, so hit the break for the full series of screenshots.

As for what I think of it, my first impressions are that I quite like it. The green used throughout actually looks quite refreshing and the black notifications bar is long overdue. Icons look ultra sharp and features aplenty to explore. Although this is just a crappy quick build, with no graphics acceleration to speed things up, I could see myself switching from Sense UI to this, just for the extra speed and nice looks. Well done, Google. I’ll leave any further thoughts until Chris goes hands on with the Nexus S

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    Best thing I see so far about Gingerbread is the faster access to Manage Applications going to save devs HEAPS of time!), now it’s MENU > MANAGE APPLICATIONS rather than the old MENU > SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS > MANAGE APPLICATIONS. Theres better UI for MANAGE APPLICATIONS where a bar down the bottom shows the total space of internal memory plus the amount already used up. The yellow highlighting when you hit the bottom of a ScrollView is cool too, kinda like you hit the bottom with explosive impact 🙂 Interestingly, the problems Galaxy S users were reporting with my WeatherCell.net… Read more »


    Personally found Gingerbread to be extremely anti-climactic. Andy Rubin’s peek at the honeycomb tablet on the other hand was delicious!


    Gingerbread looks really slick. New keyboard looks good and just the general look of it looks more professional.

    Can’t wait till I flash a 2.3 rom onto my SGS 😀


    Being in america, I am going to go play with a nexus s asap! Life being over here on holiday at the right time!

    andy p

    I don’t see how this is better than sense UI. People seem to forget just how great having scrolling widgets are and the latest sense UI with countless scenes can’t easily be beaten. Yes phones can get a bit laggy but a decent task killer at hand and you get the best possible Android user experience …

    Scott Evans

    As the SDK was only released today, it will still be a few weeks before the source code is available, so until then not much development can be done…


    Looks really sleek, hopefully the community can get this onto sgs quick smart.