According to the report from IDC Australia, Android smartphone usage in Australia has increased massively in the third quarter of this year.

Android-powered smartphones also saw very strong growth in Q3, collectively accounting for 21% of the smartphone market, up from 7.1% in Q2 and only 2.1% in Q1.

If that math is a little hard to work out this late in the evening, Android grew by a whopping 13.9% in a single quarter making it the third most used OS in the country, trailing iOS and Symbian in top spot. The IDC expects to see Android ahead of the market by this time next year, cheers to that!

Source: IDC Australia.
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    I’d say Galaxy S would be best selling phone, know a stack of people that aren’t particularly tech-saavy that have bought them recently, and (all?) the major carriers have it.


    I’d just like to correct you there Buzz – “Android grew by a whopping 13.9% in a single quarter” is really 13.9 percentage points.

    If you take it on percentage, Android usage grew by 195%, or almost TRIPLED in one quarter.


    Grats to Android.

    I wonder which phone is the top selling Android phone here in Aus. Anyone know?

    I remember when I wanted to get my Galaxy S, it was pretty much sold out everywhere in Queensland. I asked all the Virgin/Optus stores in the CBD, northside, southside, everwhere within 2 hour driving distance to me and couldn’t track one down lol. Had to wait 2 weeks for new stock to arrive and I reserved one at the Virgin mobil store in the city.


    Nokia will never adopt Android, they’ve got wayyy too much invested in Symbian and their Symbian replacement. Every one of their hundreds/thousands of engineers would need to be re-skilled.


    I was going through a allphones Catalogue the other day nd almost every single page had an android phone on it!


    thanks a lot to this site, imo 🙂


    Nokia better wake up quick and join the Android bandwagon or they will cease to exist.


    Can’t agree with this more.
    Nokia seems to be still living in their own fantasy world (from my experience of following their tweets).

    Also if Australian phone carriers stop screwing us over phone exclusivity and phone updates as well as the phone manufacturers not releasing Android phones in Australia as timely as the US and the UK, I’d be more than willing to jump to the Android bandwagon (currently being tied to Nokia N97 mini on a 2 year contract, sigh).


    wow, that is pretty painful!

    well if anything, lets hope Samsung follows through with trying to bring the Nexus S here and soon!

    If so, hell I might even buy one outright if the price is decent….

    Love my Galaxy S, but it’s hard to say no to the Nexus S 😉


    Hehe, I know what you mean, I’m on the same thing (N97 Mini, 2-Year Contract, Optus)…

    BUT, I just sold the phone on eBay for a cool $450 (sealed in box) and bought a HTC Desire for $650. Best $200 I have ever spent. *Hugs Desire*