Notion Ink’s announcement today is that pre-orders are opening in the next few hours for the Adam. No other information has been given other than that, so availability and all the rest will be given out in the coming hours. Keep an eye on Notion Ink”s blog for any updates they post in the next day.

We’re pretty excited about the pre-orders, will you be getting one?

Source: Notion Ink Blog.
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    Dissertationinc inc

    @ Winston

    I’m with you. The market will be flooded (bad word to use in Victoria at the moment) with these devices in Q1 next year. With flooding comes lower prices and better specifications. I only have enough cash to splurge out on one of these devices so I am going to wait and see what is available prior to purchasing. Two things I am certain about are : 1) No Apple iPad and 2) My purchase must be Android thus ruling out the Viewsonic ViewPad’s.



    There is a link to in the image properties. is trying to better integrate web and broadcasting… I am left wondering if the mystery function will be along the lines of a Google TV type functionality..


    I think i will wait for other tabs coming out…
    so we have new adam, millennius, and there was another one but dont remember the name.


    yes thats the one. Im really going to wait and think about my purchase


    I was kind of excited for this, but with the talk of Honeycomb I’m gonna sit back and wait and see what happens first.


    I’d consider it. However it depends on the reviews


    Wow, the spec of the machine looks good! I wonder what is the “bonus mystery feature”?


    Word on the street is that it has a retractable pickle fork


    Tempted … very tempted. But also would love to see reviews/demos too …


    When ‘adam’s never really turn up and “Rohan” runs off with all the preorder money, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    I don’t really think that’ll happen, I’m honestly excited about the tablet, but I hope they have some serious preview media to look at when preorders do actually open.


    If only i had the cash.


    I really want one, but I think I’ll hold off till I can physically handle one, or read a few good reviews

    Here’s hoping the pricing isn’t as mental as the GalaxyTab!