Notion Ink have just cleared up all the specifics about how to buy the Adam, how much it will cost, who will ship it to you and everything in between. Below are the prices (in USD) for all the Adam variants:

  • WiFi LCD – $375.33
  • 3G LCD (850MHz or 900MHz) – $425.33
  • WiFi Pixel Qi – $499.45
  • 3G Pixel Qi (850MHz or 900MHz) – $549.99

Those prices kick butt compared to the iPad and of course the Galaxy Tab, which I think will make it a real competitor in the Tablet space, especially in Australia. Pre-orders start at 11:30AM AEST, so don’t miss out! In the gallery below are all the screenshots / pics Notion Ink threw into their blog post, which I think you should read as well.

[nggallery id=63]

Source: Notion Ink Blog.
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    Joe Isaac

    I almost bought an IPAD today but had second thoughts after reading ADAM’s features.

    I browsed Notion Ink’s website to place an order but couldn’t find an option nor could I find any resellers for this amazing tablet PC.

    Could someone lease point me in the right direction ?



    NotionInk make sexy looking websites, but their web devs have NFI about security…good thing they aren’t processing credit cards themselves! Am also yet to see them run an apk on the Adam that they haven’t developed themselves, perhaps their tweaks of Android OS will yield incompatibility…?


    so just how much power is saved by pixel qi?

    james (bunnybash)

    totally going to be getting myself one.. wifi only… probably LCD… i will tether with my phone, and also I barely ever read it outside…

    David L

    oh god i want one badly. i cant really see myself not buying one.
    i would do it in a second if there was a video or
    demonstration of some kind of the final version.
    i would get the cheapest one too.
    1. i dont need 3g. i have a android phone with froyo (tethering)
    2. i dont find myself reading things outside too often


    i have always said there is no point is getting a ipad or galaxy tab yet for some reason i really want this, its look its price and what it promises.
    cant someone tell me again y i dont need one?
    i really need your help


    There is a point in getting an iPad. It’s awesome. (Best app ecosystem)

    There is no point in getting a Galaxy Tab. (Wow, a giant Galaxy S. Nothing else really.)

    There is a point in getting an Adam. The PixelQi 10.1″ display is perfect for reading text and the Tegra 2 SoC should be perfect for rendering video on the go as well as smoothly loading Flash-heavy websites. (Though the Tab and the Adam are both Android tablets, Adam is actually built as a tablet device, not some hastily scaled up phone device)


    @ Ben… ouch for the Galaxy Tab! Yes this product is beautiful because it was designed from the ground up to be a Tablet. The apps for this sucker look gorgeous! Even the keyboards look beautiful 🙂 Even with the limited information about the actual functionality of the device on release, this already looks like the tablet to beat (now that its no longer vapourware)! The big question on everyone’s lips is what position will this device be in once Honeycomb launches. Will NotionInk be ready for that? Or will it take another year to update the software (by which… Read more »


    There is no point of getting an iPad. (Wow, a giant iPhone. Nothing else really.)


    Though Telstra Next-G uses 850Mhz…how would you even access the network without standalone 3G data SIM cards??

    On another hand, I was part of the pre-pre-orders but stupidly broke my one-time session by closing the tab. ETA for the pre-pre-orders was 6-9th January 2011.

    General pre-orders have now changed to 6-8 weeks shipping time.


    So to use this on Telstra we would need the 850 MHz right?




    wow, amazing prices.


    great looking device and great prices, lets see what they are like when people get them in their hands


    Cooool! These are going to sell like cakes that are hot!

    And might I say those screengrabs are so sexy 🙂



    No word on when they’re actually going to be shipped if you pre order though?


    6 to 8 weeks. Which fits with the public release date that was indicated to EAP developers…as an EAP developer, am yet to receive any email from them (supposedly we’re to be able to receive Adam before the general public).


    Isn’t it great to see consistent pricing across regions. Too often we in Australia are charged a premium for an identical device