Tuesday , March 20 2018

Gameloft launching 10 HD games before the end of December

If you’re a fan of gaming on your Android device and you don’t mind spending a little bit of your hard earned money then Gameloft have got you covered. They are launching 10 new HD games before the end of the year, most of which you can see in the video above. Although the games aren’t available on the Android Market for easy access, you can purchase & download them over at Gameloft’s site (hit the Source link below). The new titles include..

Let’s Golf! 2, Fishing Kings, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, GT Racing: Motor Academy, Real Football 2011, Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Shrek Kart and The Oregon Trail.

A thing to note is that these games are best played on the latest generation of devices (mainly high-powered devices) such as the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD & Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, just to name a few. So go on, check em’ out!

Source: Gameloft - HD Games for Android.

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4 Comments on "Gameloft launching 10 HD games before the end of December"

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Valued Guest

Yaay Oregon Trail in HD xD
Been waiting for that one for a while~

Thought Let’s Golf!2 is already in HD (Retina Display)?

Valued Guest

Refuse to purchase these games if they aren’t on the Marketplace.

You can’t transfer your purchases between phones when you upgrade. Unlike everything you get in the marketplace.

Valued Guest
Don’t bother. Just had such a bad experience with their website trying to purchase one and also get a free game, won’t deal with them until they on the Market. I have Dungeon Hunter trial on my Desire Z and works fine. Tried to pay for the full version of it, their website won’t let me. Now the last 24 hours I’ve tried to get the free (one day only) of Hero of Sparta and for the three different browsers and six different sessions at different times throughout the day, it just got stuck in a loop loading the same… Read more »
Valued Guest

yeh, GOLF!

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