Carriers are continuing to gradually push out updates for the Xperia Series. The latest update is for any X10 Mini Pro on Three, the update is available via Sony Ericsson’s Update Software. The update isn’t available OTA as usual, but you may receive a notification telling you there is an update available. I believe this is the last update that needed to be pushed out, I could be wrong, if so let me know in the comments below.

If that is the last, we can all rest easy knowing that you won’t have to worry about any more major updates.

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I have just updated my X10 on three tonight (8pm Brisbane). I didn’t receive any message, just plugged it into the laptop and a message popped up when PC Companion loaded.


I have not been able to update my Xperia X10 provided by 3. I’m sure the update is still not avaliable. The last to get it. 3 is now just the neglected brother in the Vodafail company.


try syncing your phone and and push updates from usb


I have an x10 on 3 and there’s still no update… pretty sure they stopped stocking x10 a few months ago… can’t see them bothering with the update. dirty, dirty phone dogs