Monday , May 21 2018

Google releases Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ preview SDK, entices app development for Tablets

Google has just released a preview version of the Android 3.0 (dubbed ‘Honeycomb’) SDK for developers. The early version of the SDK gives a quick build of Honeycomb that developers can use to start building app for the Tablet designed OS. The new SDK highlights all new features to help developers build faster & more visual appealing applications aimed at ‘larger screened devices’. No where within the SDK write-up does it say that Android 3.0 is just for Tablets, only that is specialises in Tablets and ‘larger screened devices’ which could be anything really, Android TV anyone?

Some of the major new inclusions are: Dual-core support, better 3D & 2D rendering and a brand new UI. Sweet.

Feel free to download the SDK and check out all the new features in the source link below.

Source: Android Developers.

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honeycomb looks so sexy

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