Update: You’ll be able to register your interest from tomorrow morning at 9AM. With a bit of luck they’ll supply more than the 1,000 Nexus Ones 😉

Update 2: Thanks to a keen eyed commenter, it seems as though Vodafone have listed the Nexus S with only one 12 month plan on offer. The 45 Infinite, along with a hefty $40 handset repayment for the phone itself, each month over the contract. From the information I have gathered, this is $300 more expansive than Vodafone’s most expensive handset, Apple’s iPhone 4 32GB. Way too expensive in my view, what do you think? Thanks Joshua King

Well how about that for some spot on speculation! Only minutes of us riffing over the idea of Vodafone Australia getting the Nexus S, they go and announce that they will indeed be brining it to Australia. No release timeline or pricing just yet, but if you hit the break you can check out the all important press release.

Monday 7th February, 2011 – Vodafone today announced that Nexus S™ will soon be available in Vodafone stores around the world. The world’s first handset to come powered by the latest version of the Android™ platform known as Gingerbread, Nexus S is packed with Google™’s powerful technology and the latest Samsung hardware features.
Patrick Chomet, Vodafone’s Group Director of Terminals, said: “It’s great news that our customers will very soon be able to get Google’s Nexus S direct through our stores. At Vodafone we work closely with our partners across the industry to offer our customers a leading smartphone range that includes the latest innovations in product and user experience.”
DJ Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales & Marketing Team at Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business, said: “I am very pleased to introduce this amazing mobile experience to Vodafone’s customers. Nexus S integrates Samsung’s best-in-class hardware and technology with Android’s stunning new features and user experiences. Nexus S enables users to enjoy the latest mobile technology and faster multimedia content with an intuitive user experience.”

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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Fair enough James. Did you take any of the start up motorola stuff off the phone? Like setting up moto blur account etc. I’m a novice at this kind of stuff so that’s why im seeking some info as I wanna switch from iPhone 4 to a high end android device, just trying to weigh up my options atm


Flashing the Froyo ROM onto Defy will remove Blur, since it’s a non-Moto ROM…

james (bunnybash)

yeah you can totally remove the motoblur from the phone, which makes the phone FLY!! actually Froyo does most of the speed increases… if you go to XDA developers forums you can see some of the roms etc. Someone is actually porting SENSE onto the Defy!! 😀 that developer is a BADASS!!!


What we need is for the price of 3G connectivity to go down to make use of most of these features to the fullest. We’re also going to be very behind on phones if we don’t get 4G soon too. It’s good it’s coming out but i’m not getting it on vodafone for service reasons. Hopefully i’ll come out on telstra and won’t be too expencive… I mean, they’re selling the galazy s for $99 a month on a 24 month plan and the HTC Desire (not HD) for $79 a month. Our dollar is currently greater than the americans… Read more »


It’s called ‘Rip-off Australia’, Jamaal.


This was going to be the phone I got when switching from an iPhone 3G to Android, but it just took to long to get here. I’ve since went to the iPhone 4 and I’m quite happy.

The main attraction to the NS for me was a ‘clean’ gingerbread install ( No sense, motoblur etc. ). I think it’s a great little unit, but it will obviously be superceded by the dual core phones to come.


Aww! And I thought it was going to come in Christmas Crackers like all the other cheap, plasticky novelties!


When will telstra start bringing out some decent droid phones? All we have atm is Desire and maybe Motorola Atrix coming. We need more!!


get the atrix if u don’t root or mod your phone, otherwise don’t becasue it will be locked


Petros, you might work for Telstra, but if you did some research you would see that the Defy might be advertised by moto as having a certain mid range chip in it, but actually shipping with a very high end chip that gives scores in excess of 1800 on quadrant once a bit of froyo is added. Telstra might not have an update path but i have put froyo on 2 of my mates Defy’s… The Defy is more powerful than my HTC Desire, it doesn’t matter which way you cut it. It is a very good phone, the only… Read more »

james (bunnybash)

What about the Defy? That is an excellent handset… excellent, especially if you want to make phone calls…


Lol…. I work for Telstra and we sell alot of them but they really are mid to low range android phone. Slow processor, no o/s upgrade path through telstra. Only good thing is its a blue tick handset. The only smartphone that has the blue tick for rural coverage etc…

Joshua King

Vodafone preregister link says “The product is no longer available.” I think that’s a generic message though.

However this link:
Gets you somewhere a little more interesting. Though I personally have no interest in going onto postpaid with Vodafone right now…


Only has the Super-LCD screen.


I bought back a couple of these from the usa for some people, they are damn nice phones… The network sucks but surely you could just use it on optus?


voda never said it was an exclusive


Hah, i was waiting for this but cant be stuff waiting. ALso note guys that it doesnt come with a microSD slot. how dumb is that. I just signed up for the galaxy S on 12month and going to flash it as soon as i get it. Ihave a nexus one atm. And if you guessing why im getting the galaxy S, my contracts finish, just getting a free one atm. If any of you are waiting, ill wait for WMC ni 6days to see all the dual cores. no point getting the nexus S, which ibet will be on… Read more »


Damn… I’ve been praying this would turn up on Virgin or Optus. Looks like it’s an IPhone 5 for me unless a comparable vanilla android phone turns up soon.


good prediction! i hope this’ll transfer over to three as well as i’m due for a loyalty upgrade soon 😀

Adrian O

To bad vodaphone have the [email protected]$ist network in OZ.. Need an 850 mzh Nexus S model for Telstra NEXT G..

Gee Man

Yeah thats what I’m waiting for. or maybe an Atrix.. probably the only phone that would make me jump from the fully Google branded experience… I think I’ll wait for in the wild reviews though before jumping that ship.. 🙂


Nexus is not bad apart from voda network. I am waiting for Atrix but UK release is 5 July see what happens with Aus release.

Lucas Burnett

I just hope that Vodafone dont balls this up like they did the Nexus One launch


They only had 1,000 units… they sold them all. How did they botch it up?

Lucas Burnett

and releasing it through online and over the phone only plus 9 months late.


It’s so inviting!! me wants it…
But you told me to wait for dual cores… the only problem with them is no vanilla android! 🙁
LG and Moto don’t play nice with Cyanogen or other Moders…

Lucas Burnett

I’m hoping that this brings more NFC stuff to Oz.