A few days back I contacted the Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac via Twitter to see if they were working on native applications for Android devices, and lo and behold, they are! The NAB is well ahead with an application already available on the Android Market. Westpac, as you can see above, look to be well on their way to releasing their native application, with the Commonwealth’s Netbank keeping things a little vague for the time being. It’s good to know that our wealthy banks are looking after their Android customers as well 😉

Update: ANZ have confirmed to us that they are indeed working on a native application as well.

There are currently a few unofficial apps for the Commonwealth Bank which just appear to be easy access to their mobile site, and we’re not sure whether we’d trust an unofficial app with our bank details.

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    hi westpac, hope there will be apps for windows phones!!


    So where’s ANZ?


    Check this for ANZ app. its a simple browser designed for ANZ but really userful.

    this is more secure and safe as our details will not stored.


    Question for Buzz Moody: When you approached the banks, did you check the 2 Queensland banks, Suncorp-Metway, and The Bank Of Queensland?


    Haha, I’m with Westpac and asked them about an android app or a mobile friendly website and I got this reply back in December: “Dear Mr Simtang Thank you for your email regarding accessing the Westpac website via a mobile phone. We welcome the opportunity to assist with your enquiry. MrSimtang, our Online Banking Development Team is conscious of the issues some of our users encounter when using non-iPhone devices to access Westpac Online Banking. Certain functionalities within our Online Banking service are currently not compatible with non-iPhone mobile devices such as the Android phone. The Development Team is working… Read more »

    james (bunnybash)

    lol it’s hard!! If they gave me $5000 I could have it done within 2 weeks. They are just not motivated to do, they are too busy making money for doing jack $#!7. If you can’t tell I hate banks… hate them a lot!!


    Commonwealth bank’s mobile site is pretty good, but it is unbearably slow at times. Hopefully the mobile app will be quicker.


    If/when CBA release their Official app, all it will have in it is a big button that says “Net Bank” which will open your browser and point you to their mobile site (optimised for Android).

    Don’t expect in-app banking, because it won’t be happening.


    do we have anything also from metlink? it would be good if we can have schedules of buses, trams, and trains in a single app.


    You mean Tram Hunter and Train Tracker…


    A while ago, maybe 4 months, an enterprising guy released an app on the store for westpac, I managed to get a copy before the cease and desist hammer came down, it is a great app, very handy. I am sure that there is a st george app already though.

    Westpac have been giving that response for ages, I bugged them for being idiots and banning this other app while they themselves were too slack to release one. I sent them figures explaining android growth etc, but only ever got the same rote response.


    Yeah I remember that app. I had to ring the bank to reset my account password after it mysteriously changed…

    james (bunnybash)

    really!?!? i never had a problem when i used it! maybe it was a different version, i still use the version I have, I use it every week.


    I’m a Westpac customer and asked the sane question sometime last year and got pretty much the sane response. Can trawl through tweets if you like.


    You can do a similar thing with ANZ, you just need to go to http://www.anz.com/mobilelanding. A full fledged app would be a lot nicer though.


    I’d prefer ANZ to not waste money developing Apps for each mobile platform and instead focus on a single mobile website and DECREASE FEES…plus provide me the help they promised Black Saturday affected customers that they don’t actually provide…sigh


    Maybe not one of the Big 4, but any word from Bankwest? I bank with ANZ and Bankwest, but at this rate might go to westpac or NAB! 😉


    Changing banks because one has an app sounds a little extreme…


    no need for a bankwest app, the site works via your browser


    I’m a Desire user who banks with Commonwealth. I’ve set Dolphin Browser HD to identify as an iPhone and have a shortcut set to CBA’s mobile site – mobile.netbank.com.au/iPhone.html – works perfectly!


    Wonder if Worstpac’s app will work for St Gorge users?
    Also Buzz, did you contact ANZ? Your article makes no mention of them.


    There is already a StG app for Android – https://market.android.com/details?id=org.stgeorge.bank


    What about us Android fans who bank with ANZ? Did they have anything to say on the matter?