So we’re thinking we might be onto something here.. If you remember back to the days when we were all waiting with bated breath to see an announcement of the Nexus One in this great land, it was first announced in the UK on Vodafone, then later it snuck out quickly on Vodafone AU. Now, what we’re seeing is the start of that exact same cycle again, but this time with the Nexus S.

It has just been announced by Vodafone UK, in black and white variants, with no release date noted just yet. With that part of the cycle done and dusted, we just need Vodafone AU (or any other carrier, in fact) to announce that they will be stocking the near-obsolete, gingerbread-toting device in the near future. Will you be holding out for one? Or are your sights set on the dual-core madness coming out of MWC and CES?

Source: Android Community.
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Vodafone are just getting too slow bring out new Android phones especially when its the Nexus range. Bring on the dual core Android phones and then I will start talking business.