Well it’s finally official, Sony Ericsson’s worst kept secret, the Xperia Play aka the Playstation Phone, is due to be officially unveiled at MWC on the 13th of February. Sporting the ususal suspects of hardware, 1GHz single core Qualcomm processor and Ardeno 205 graphics. It’s runs on a 4″ 854 x 480 LCD which is the same res and size as the X10. The big difference on this baby is of course the side sliding game pad, and Gingerbread out of the box.

All in all, I’m thinking this may be  goer, as games become more common place on Android, something that the iPhone has really dominated in, more and more game specific handsets will be welcomed with open arms – I hope. As always, time will definitely tell. Hit the break for the strange Xperia Play ad and also another press shot of this monster of a phone.

Source: Sony Ericsson Facebook.
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this appears just be a temporary fix for the NGP, essentially it is a PSP, for all the brand addicts out there this will be a goldmine for Sony allowing them to sell off endless old software to “never before PlayStation users” For any PSP lover this will be a must as it finally incorporates a phone and camera into the device. the two major draw cards is the fact you can use both the android store AND the PlayStation store, and that it will come with gingerbread out of the box! I will be buying one as I love… Read more »


I’m really looking forward to the Xperia Play.. I don’t mind mobile gaming but I’ve never liked it with a touch screen, I think it’s terrible.

I guess it’s going to be a few months before we hear anything over here in Aus.


Stop hating the x10 is a good device And I’m sure sony will support there new products

Lucas Burnett

As a Android device I agree that the X10 is a “good” device but is let down by Sony’s attempt to customise the experience beyond recognition and due to that, they have had massive issues updating to newer versions of Android. I think they have learned

Buzz Moody

The X10 is far from a ‘good device’, I’ll put a product down when it needs to be put down only if there’s the proof to support it. A ‘premium device’ lacking premium features but still with a ‘premium price’ is a complete joke. I’ve met with Sony Ericsson, and I’ve told them this. Just because they have that one red herring does not mean we’re going to continually bombard them with grief, I mean hell, the Xperia Play may really kick some goals, as well as the Neo & Arc. They just _might_ have done the right things with… Read more »


Man, I hate Sony so this is great news. I look forward to seeing this fail miserably.

With any luck it will be released just before a major android update ala the X10 and I can get a chuckle at the ongoing debacle as Sony (and networks) drag their feet and generate the ire of the community.

This could only get better if Sony tried to roll yet another proprietary flash memory format with it.


Touche adante, I don’t actually own the SE Android products (I have the N1 when it was released through voda, and so glad i did) but i’ve read enough through blogs and forums about SE’s lack of support for updates etc. The buyer will still lose though, most won’t consider the future when they’ve got something in their hands for the here and now. Even with the lack of confidence in SE from current SE android owners, whatever SE lose from their current market, they’ll regain from selling a new phone so i don’t suppose they lose out on too… Read more »


snap i just bought the xperia x10i yesterday if ive known the release date is that soon i wouldve held off



Do you know if Sony has some sort of agreement re their chips? I am surprised they didn’t go with a Tegra Dual Core for their big launch gaming device.

Buzz Moody

From the looks of things they’re sticking with Qualcomm, which is pretty stupid, seeing as though the NGP has a quad-core cpu in order to play game you would think this would have at least the dual-core snapdragons that HTC are going to be using.


Do you have a link to that original event?

Lucas Burnett

for got to put the source in sorry, it’s been updated and that will give you the facebook page and times