Thursday , May 24 2018

CyanogenMod 7 almost here with Release Candidate 1 now available

For those of you living on the bleeding edge and running custom ROMs on your Android devices, you’ll be heartened to know that CyanogenMod 7 is nearing a stable release. As of right now, CM7-RC1 is now available for download.

For more information, check out the CyangenMod forum for download information and installation instructions.

For those who are less familiar, CyanogenMod is a community developed custom ROM for a wide variety of Android powered handsets. For the moment, CM7-RC1 runs on the Nexus One, HTC EVO, and the MyTouch 4G, however when it nears final release, it is likely to support a much wider range of handsets – HTC handsets are well represented amongst those that have received CyanogenMod in the past.

In a nutshell, it’s a customised Gingerbread 2.3.2 OS with a number of tweaks and hacks to improve the user experience. As a former user of CyanogenMod (and soon to be future user again), this is one of the best ways you can extract every last inch of satisfaction from your handset.

Here are some of the highlights of the features of CM7-RC1:

  • Latest Android 2.3.2 from the Android Open Source Project
  • Performance enhancements for Qualcomm hardware
  • Updated stock apps, including browser, phone and others with extra features
  • CPU scaling/control (i.e. extract more speed or battery life)
  • Just about everything is customisable

The full list is available at the CyanogenMod changelog.

Source: Cyanogen on Twitter.

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Lucas Burnett
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no RC1 for Desire HD grrrrrr!!!!!

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