Sony Ericsson Australia confirmed today via their Facebook presence that the Xperia Neo will be headed to our largest wireless carrier, Telstra, exclusively in the first half of this year. The launch date is obviously quite vague and pricing is non-existent, but we’re thinking Telstra will hike up the pricing as they did with the Xperia X10 when it launched early last year, o’ how time flies when you’re having fun.

The Xperia Neo can be best described as ‘the Xperia X10, done right’, we’re really hoping this is the case as this is a promising looking device. Much better than some of the stuff HTC threw together at MWC. The Xperia Neo is powered by a 1GHz (single core) Snapdragon CPU, an 8MP camera w/ 720p video as well as the 3.7″ (480×854) Bravia-engine display and of course running Android 2.3, something your Xperia X10 will never do. Be sure to check out the video of Sony Ericsson talking up its product after the break.

Source: Sony Ericsson FB.
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Was thinking this might be going in the 49 cap, but having looked at their 49 cap phones it does seem unlikely. Definitely won’t be worth it on their 79 cap.

Buzz Moody

The X10 launched on Telstra on their $100 Phone Plan.. I hope it’s anything below that. But then again, I don’t buy my phones on contracts or from carriers.


Telstra and their crazy pricing.


It’s definitely a better looking setup than the X10, and Gingerbread would be a much better place to be stuck on for the life of the phone than Eclair