The clever folk over at Android Community have uncovered a few cool ‘hidden sections’ of the online Android Market which currently redirect to back to the homepage. ‘Why is this so amazing?’ you ask, well let me tell you. If you currently go to any of the following links, you’ll see they redirect back to the home page, but if you go to something like it will 404.

We’re lead to believe that Google will be introducing the above three categories in the near future. To add to this, the ‘Books’ section already appears on the Honeycomb Market as FrAndroid found out at CES, when using the Motorola XOOM. The addition of these three different types of media will be a massive boost to the size and success of the Android Market. What are your thoughts?

Source: Android Community.
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    Albert Farragut

    Not surprising – this is the next step for Android, though I still don’t know how good of quality you can get but it’s a step in the right direction. Upcoming movies are good to keep track of, which is why I check

    Jason Murray

    Maybe I’ll finally get a good way to subscribe to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report here in Aus…


    It has been known for a while that Music would be coming to the Android Marketplace.
    Now books and videos as well!
    iTunes is going to get some competition now.