Update: Although we lost the post during our server mayhem, this device is coming to Vodafone AU.

Tablets are definitely the king of the hill at the moment, with today being no exception. Engadget have reported that Vodafone Portugal will release the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a not so cheap price of €699. A little bit of converting and that brings it to about $960 AUD – this is in line with pricing for the original 7″ tab was when it landed here.

Pricing this monster over a $999 price point would be almost instant death for the 10.1, Honeycomb wonder; carrier pricing is going to be the thing to wait for. Fingers crossed we get pricing soon.

Source: Engadget.
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unfortunately with all these monster spec tablets, we are going to get completely screwed on price.


Needs to be less than iPad with Wi-Fi+ 3G 32Gb price of $928.00. Say $800. Provide a Wi-Fi only for around $600-$700 and then they might be a hit.


Isn’t that the price already? If Australian markets sell it for more than that, I’m just going to import. Considering the dollar parity.


Motorola are pricing the 3G/4G Xoom at US$800 so in a reasonable world Samsung should price the 10.1 around the same and given the parity of the dollar it should be the same price here.

Now watch Samsung try to sell it for $1000 and then not understand why people start importing them.


if only it worked like that, despite the high dollar it will still be priced $200 more when it comes here, purely because it’s Australia