Today the Commonwealth Bank launched their ‘native application’ for their Netbank service, which they told us was coming. As much as I’d love to tell you about all the wonderful features this ‘native application’ allows you to explore, I can’t. Why? Because it’s a simple browser shortcut that opens the browser to their mobile version of Netbank, which I guess does the job, it’s just strange that it took the CBA so long to make this. We’re not going to sit around complaining though, I want quick access to my bank account and this ‘app’ comes through with the goods, so check it out for yourself via the source link. Oh yeah, and it’ll only work on devices running Android 2.1+.

Source: Android Market.
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    commonwealth bank

    Its cool!! commonwealth bank


    If it’s nothing more then a glorified web link why on earth does it require 2.1 or above? What a load of BS!

    Michael Wheatland

    Shame on you CBA. Why can’t Australian companies actually invest a bit of time and money into ‘Real Native Applications’ instead of releasing a glorified web browser bookmark.

    Telstra’s very poor customer experience should have triggered warning lights for companies trying to get away with this incredibly poor customer service.

    Let’s hope that Westpac gets it right. Let’s see if they launch a native app or a not so ‘native app’ as the CBA has.

    Dylan Waghorne

    lol irl


    it’s juat a shortcut to netbank web address… huge fail


    just like on the iphone. commfail


    Bankwest has a fairly nice UI for their web interface, I noticed last night.


    Looks like they did Telstra’s trick. Epic fail.