It seems it’s not just Dick Smith getting in on the Huawei X5 action, this amazingly spec’d, low-cost device is headed to Crazy John’s stores from tomorrow (26th) and online from next week. CJ’s have pointed out on Twitter that there will only be ~300 devices in stock across stores, so you’ll have to get in quick to get your hands on one. The X5 from CJ’s is running Vanilla 2.2.1 though it has no WiFi Tethering functionality, currently. Pricing for the Huawei X5 is fairly simple, you can buy it outright & unlocked for $349, which is the same price at Dick Smith, or you can sign up to a $29 contract which will give you $200 credit and a bonus 1GB of data if you sign up before March 8. So set your alarms for early tomorrow morning and head into your local Crazy John’s.

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can anybody confirm if the x5 will have wifi tethering ?


Just got my X5 from Dicksmith ($349). Good phone, feels excellent in hand and accessors include box are a copy of the iPhone 4.

Some general good notes:

– Excellent Screen
– Touch is real good
– Camera seemed good (but HD recording didnt beat my iPod 4)
– Good 8gb micro sd included (pqi brand so should be speedy)
– Phone build is very nice and light
– Very smooth interface

Buzz Moody

Sounds good then 😀


Has any one heard when the X6 may be available? That is the one that interests me the most, especially if the pricing is going to in line with the X5.
At the moment it is barely even mentioned on the web site.


I have seen an x6 for sale on ebay, was over $600.00


Here is an X6 that sold on Ebay recently. Only had 1 bid, $500, was purchased in Philippines, and the seller states it is sold under the name Magnum HD through Cherry Mobile in the Philippines. Worth a look and a read.


Does anyone know if the wifi issues reported with the early pre-release models has been fixed? I would hate to buy it and find out I can’t use wifi properly…


according to some early birds, wifi works just fine. they might have fixed some bugs with the retail version.

Tomas Donovic

This really annoys me. I wouldn’t have gotten a dhd, i would have waited for this and go on tpg so that i am not locked in for 24 months.


‘Pricing for the Huawei X5 is fairly simple, you can buy it outright & unlocked for $349’

CJ in Prahran Vic were only selling via the $29 plan this morning; no outright.

Buzz Moody

They said on their Twitter account that they would be outright.

Ilija Vrtaric

I checked CJ Rouse Hill today and apparently will only be outright online, considering the limited quantity instore (Blacktown had 2, Rouse Hill had 1)


Same deal at the Canberra store – $29 plan only (and they only had one in stock).


Wrong – CJ’s store staff need some serious product training. I purchased 2 SEPARATELY outright on Saturday, one in the morning and another from a separate store later in the afternoon as the wife wanted one also. Both stores are WA, and also mentioned they only received 2 or 3. Given, the first store DIDNT EVEN KNOW what an X5 was when I asked for it! Product sales training is VERY poor at the first store in my opinion. Then I had to basically argue with the girl at the first store to TELL her IT WAS NOT LOCKED to… Read more »


same with Tuggerah on NSW central coast, no outright


same with Tuggerah on NSW central coast, no outright


same with Tuggerah on NSW central coast, no outright


Awesome stuff, Buzz. Looking forward to your review.

Ilija Vrtaric

already had a short play with this thing on Thursday night at Crazy John’s Blacktown…. very nice handset, screen is slightly smaller than the SGS, the handset is very similar size…. runs Android 2.2.1, feels just as light in the hand as an SGS and the backplate is a nice smooth matte black plastic…. feels very comfortable to use….. actually almost made me want to sell my SGS and buy that one 😛

Brodie Daff

Did it have Huawei’s slight custom UI like the UK version?

Ilija Vrtaric

actually yes it did, it’s pretty basic, just looks like Gingerbread UI…. coloured notification bar icons, app drawer rolling animation, Gingerbread homescreen icons…. it’s a very basic and clean looking interface, with little to no lag.

As much as I would love to grab this little beauty, I’m gonna wait and see how the X6 is when it comes out 🙂


Yeh no.
Someone on whirlpool has actually purchased the X5 and posted a pic.[email protected]/5479043672/in/photostream/
Can’t get much more stock than that.
He did say that they added a few apps though.


Buzz, when you get a review unit, can you check out what the audio quality is like through the headphones? I have a Nokia e63 and listening to music through headphones is almost impossible because of the static in the background. This phone looks to be the perfect upgrade (of course, except for the wifi tethering in May dealio)


Awesome! Hopefully you guys will get a review unit soon! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the handset.

The WiFi Tethering omission will hurt me since I use it regularly but if Huawei promised it will be delivered in May with an update then it’s not a problem. If you could get some confirmation from them on this matter it would be appreciated.


Annoying Old Fart

Dude, if you can’t see it (or fire it up), it doesn’t and will never exist. I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING based on vendors’… err… promises.