If you’re a bit of a gamer and holding out for the Xperia Play, then maybe you want to fill your pre-existing device with some high-quality, cheap games. Well Gameloft have you covered, they’re offering one of their games at $1.99 each day until the 10th of March, and today that game is UNO HD, which will keep you entertained for a while. We’re not too sure of what will be their designated cheap games for the rest of the promotion, but we’d love some Let’s Golf 2. Hit up the promo in the source link below.

Source: Gameloft Australia.
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    A heads-up for you, Buzz.
    Let’s Golf 2 HD has come up on the wheel for the bargain pricing.


    Day 2 of the deal, and Gameloft are still only offering Uno HD for $1.99AUD.
    Thought it was supposed to be a different game being offered each day for that price.


    Looks like there’ll be no Gameloft purchases from me (unless, of course, they bring their games to the Market). 🙂


    Gameloft don’t yet have all their games on Android Market.
    Only one game of theirs on AM is HD. Asphalt 5 HD. No idea if it will get the luck to go on special.


    i believe it was the first one to go on sale 2 days ago


    Looks like there’ll be no Gameloft goodness for me. None of their HD games will run on the Optimus One.