Friday , May 25 2018

Samsung release new teaser image of upcoming 8.9″ Galaxy Tab

What have we here.. Samsung have released this new little tidbit showing their upcoming 8.9″ Galaxy Tab, well the edge and back of it at least. There is nothing to confirm that this is indeed it is an 8.9″ Galaxy Tab, but given the “78910” numbering in the invitation image, it’s a bit of a giveaway seeing as though they already have the 7″ Galaxy Tab and 10″ Galaxy Tab 10.1. From the looks of the image, which isn’t of the greatest quality, the Tablet will be quite thin. This may be the Tablet that will hit the iPad 2 head on, just how Samsung want it. We’ll find out for certain on March 22nd.

Source: Engadget.

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geoff fieldew
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The LG Optimus Pad is an 8.9in 1280×768 15:9 aspect ratio beast. I’m hoping Samsung will go with a straight 1280×720 16:9. 1366×768 would be amazing for widescreen media but I can’t see them out rezzing the larger Tab 10.1 though. The 10.1 has a 16:9 AR 1280×800 screen. Just for good measure the original Tab has a 16:9 AR 1024×600 rez.

Sorry if all the specs confuse you, it’s something I find interesting.

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