Adobe’s Flash Player in 10.2 form has been available to desktop users for a fair while now, so it’s only fair that high-end Android devices get their share of the fun. Adobe announced that Flash Player 10.2 will be made available for select devices come March 18th. The update will support all Android versions 2.2 to 3.0, yep Honeycomb support is included. High-end Tablets (we’re guessing dual-core powered) like the XOOM will have h.264 hardware acceleration and better browser integration for a seamless browsing experience. For other devices this update will bring better performance and improvements to how the on-screen keyboard interacts with Flash applications. We can’t wait.

To check if your device is capable of running 10.2, check out Adobe’s official list.

Source: Download Squad.
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    I wonder how much larger the installed app is going to be? Having a storage-limited Desire, I really feel the 11.29MB that 10.1 takes up. It’s the single largest thing installed on my phone by far…