Here at Ausdroid we weren’t too surprised to hear that sales of the IDEOS X5 had done exceptionally well, I mean, how could it not? For $300 and those specs, it’s an absolute bargain for what seems to be a quality device — We can’t be certain until we test one for ourselves. Huawei is hoping to ride on this wave of success with the launch of the IDEOS X6 when it’s released sometime during Q2. Huawei Oz didn’t give us much more an indication than telling us to expect it as a bit of a surprise during Q2. We love a bit of a surprise when it comes to tech launches, so we’ll be waiting with bated breath.

The IDEOS X6 is a 4.1″ device running Android 2.2 with HSPA+ network capabilities. It’s powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and can shoot videos at 720p and then show them via HDMI-out. There are two versions of the X6, one supporting NextG (850MHz) and one that doesn’t, so we won’t know what variant will be available in Oz until it launches.

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Shona Baroi

its available in india…very cheap Rs 13000..or US$300..

David Carter

I’m guessing it’s passed us by, which is a real shame.

Rebecca Bennett

One month left, and still no release date…

David Carter

Any news on release date for the x6 in Aus yet? We’re pretty far into Q2 now…


Here’s some more information, review and photos of the ‘Magnum HD’ branded Huawei X6, along with the pricing in the Philippines being 18,990PHP = $430 AUD. (At time of release in Philippines, so it will be cheaper now possibly)
and here is Cherry Mobile’s Website link to the Magnum HD

Buzz Moody

Nice little investigation you’ve done. We’ll follow it up, and if need be, post about it.


Looking forward to review by the Droidlets on Ausdroid…


Here is the X6 that sold on Ebay recently. Only had 1 bid, $500, was purchased in Philippines, and the seller states it is sold under the name Magnum HD through Cherry Mobile in the Philippines. Worth a look and a read.

Dylan Waghorne


Buzz Moody

No word on pricing or availability just yet. They (Huawei) did say it would come as ‘a surprise’.