After our last post (only hours ago) on the IDEOS X6, one of our keen commenters did a little investigating and found a few cool details we thought we’d share with you.

Price: The IDEOS X6 is already available for purchase in The Philippines under the name ‘Magnum HD’ through a mobile retailer called Cherry Mobile. They’ve stocked the X6 for about a month now, with a retail price of $430AUD, which is unbelievably cheap just like the IDEOS X5. We’re thinking the price won’t fluctuate too much when it hits Oz.

Specs: In a review done by Technoodling, they confirm the following specs for the X6

OS: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM 8255 1GHz Scorpion Processor
Display: 4.1″ WVGA (480 X 800) Capacitive Touchscreen
Wireless Connections: 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, 3G
Memory: 2 GB ROM, 512 MB RAM
Connectors: Micro USB, 3.5mm Stereo Jack, HDMI-D Type
Camera: 5 MP Camera with flash, VGA front-facing camera

Review: You can check out the review in the source link below, which we encourage you to do. It says battery life is better than average, the display leaves you ‘wanting’ but the low price will make you forget the small negatives and focus on the positives. They also confirm that Huawei will be providing an update to Android 2.3. We’ll of course be bringing you a review once the device hits our shores in Q2.

Source: Technoodling.
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    Billy Justin Panopio

    Is there an SNS integretion with this phone? I hope so. Because its really an important feature that you can update social networking sites by just going to contact lists. :))


    What a shame that Huawei have compromised on the screen quality; I’m more than happy to spend a few hudred dollars more to get a device with a stunning screen, after all you’ll be looking at it one hell of a lot.


    Can this phone be rooted?

    Buzz Moody

    Though I can’t confirm, I imagine it would be easily rooted, yes.


    I also can’t confirm but my X5 was easily rooted using Z4Root.

    Buzz Moody

    I had a feeling Z4Root might do the trick. Thanks for that!

    Lopao Lopaolo

    Huawei Ideos X6 = Cherry Mobile Magnum HD = CSL Spice Mi410 = ViewSonic ViewPad4

    all made by Foxconn

    Buzz Moody

    Consider my mind slightly blown.

    Gareth Choake

    Looks like the Milestone, sans keyboard. Impressive.


    A quick Google suggests it is b/g/n, not just b/g. Fingers crossed that turns out to be true. No N would be a huge bummer in an otherwise great value for money phone.

    Buzz Moody

    Yes it’s b/g/n I’ll change it now, dunno why they said b/g

    Terrence Chin

    This will be an excellent choice if they do update it 2.3.3, wow.

    Dylan Waghorne